Hi Reverser+!

                 You asked for our opinion about your plans on reshaping
                 your site, so here is mine.

                 1) I agree, that you have to stop adding simple (keygen,
                 patching etc.) essays and concentrate on papers. However,
                 there will always be newcomers (one day some of them
                 will be teachers) who need to learn the very first steps.
                 Therefore, keep even the simple essays up or if you want to
                 purge the database (not enough space etc.) pass those
                 to +Greythorne or somebody else who willing to host them.
                 The knowledge already collected should be available to the

                 2) What kind of essays to accept in the future. I think
                 you should not categorically reject assays dealing with
                 protections if they have a teaching value. Look at the very
                 fine essay of bb's on simulating user input. It practically
                 deals with nag screen elimination (pure cracking task), yet
                 from a unique stand point teaching much more about how the
                 program works than just finding the nag jump. Besides, if
                 someone just want to have winzip surely will use oscar, so
                 this assay has little value for the greedy ones. Therefore,
                 I suggest to evaluate each essay by comparing the teaching
                 value to the damage it might cause to the programmer. On
                 this base I support the idea of accepting papers without
                 mentioning the specific target. It is also obvious that
                 the more generally applicable the approach the more value
                 it has.

                 3) I think one good criterion might be that the new essays
                 should contain some serious coding (more than just a
                 a patch or a key generator) like rewriting some part of
                 the program or adding some new function to it.
                 This should help us to move on a new level where not just
                 a superficial understanding of the code required, but a
                 deeper understanding how the program, the compiler,
                 and the operation system works together.

                 Finally, I wish you good luck and keep up the nice work,
                 your site means a lot to me.