--------=====_masta_'s Tutorial on Win95 ASM Coding Part 0=====---------


Hi, after unsuccessfully searching the for an assembly tutorial on
Win95 I decided to contribute a little one of my own and I hope this
is just one of many to come.

		        --==WHAT IS NEEDED?==--

	1. Brain ;)
	2. A(n Intel compatible) Computer with Win95
	3. TASM 5.0 (with Tlink, libfiles, etc ...)
	4. An API-Reference (Win32.HLP)

        ---> most of it can be found on 
	     lRD LG'$ ft$t wRL F RAcKG 


I assume that you posses at least basic knowledge of Assembly 
language, which every Cracker, Coder (Speedfreak!) should have.


The main different is the use of API-functions as well as you 
aren't able to use interrupts. The API-parameter are PUSHed
into the stack before the function is called. It runs similar
to C (The last parameter first, then the second-last ...) ...
aditionally upper- and lowercase characters MUST be used in
a certain way:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Always: "MessageBoxA" <-------------> NEVER!!!: "messageboxa"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Simple!: The popular "Hello World" - Demo :-).

		--==HELLO WORLD !!==--

These are two words, that every coder has already seen ...

So first we should think about, how we want to show it on the 
screen. So what I do, is just use a MessageBox and since we
work in Win95 and we want to use FULL 32bit Power, the command
will be "MessageBoxA".
So we switch over to our Api-Reference (Win32.hlp) and search
for "MessageBoxA". This is what we should find:

   int MessageBox(

       HWND  hWnd,	   // handle of owner window
       LPCTSTR  lpText,	   // address of text in message box
       LPCTSTR  lpCaption, // address of title of message box  
       UINT  uType 	   // style of message box

-  Since we don't ahve a window, that calles our MessageBox we set
   "hWnd" to zero.

-  "lpText" will be the offset of our text (where it is stored)

-  "lpCaption" ---> offset of the Caption

-  "uType" we set to "0" also, which corresponds to a "normal" 
   MessageBox with a nice OK-button (Type mb_ok)

So now let's get started and see the source in ASM ...


			      ; set some options for the assembler

.Model Flat ,StdCall
mb_ok     equ 0               ;mb_ok gets the value "0"
hWnd      equ 0   
lpText    equ offset text     ;set a pointer to the text
lpCaption equ offset caption  ;set a pointer to the caption

; declaration of all used API-functions

extrn     ExitProcess     : PROC     ;procedure to shut down a process
extrn     MessageBoxA     : PROC     ;procedure to show a MessageBox

; here begins our Data

text     db "Hello World",13,10 ; first row of the text(with word-wrap)
         db "_masta_ greets everybody who reads this tut",0
                                ; second row, terminated with "0"

caption  db "Hello",0 ;Captionstring, 0-terminated

; and here we start with our code

				; lets greet the world   :))

        push mb_ok              ;PUSH value for uType
        push lpCaption          ;PUSH Pointer to Caption
        push lpText             ;PUSH Pointer to Text
        push hWnd               ;PUSH Masterhandle
        call MessageBoxA        ;CALL MessageBoxA
        CALL    ExitProcess     ;End (exit) program

End Main                        ;End of code, Main is the entrypoint


You can compile this source with the following "MAKE.BAT"

------------------------cut here--------------
tasm32 /mx /m3 /z /q tut
tlink32 -x /Tpe /ap /c tut,tut,, import32.lib
------------------------cut here--------------

and the "import32.lib".

Well as you see, it is not much, but I hope it it can be a good start to
Windows-coding in ASM for you.

			   --==FINAL WORDS==--

This is my first, but surely not my last Tutorial on Assembly-coding for
windows ...

Ok, hope to CyA all at the next one ....


VucoeT (Translator [ :) ]), |Caligo| (kewl Page), reverser+ (best on the web),
stone (for the inspiration), not4you, fungus, |Quest|, 
Silvio (where are you ?), Vantmas and every Cracker on this planet ...

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