+HCU 1997, Project2: Winice cracking
Phase 5

Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering

Phase 5

By +RCG - 01 July 1997

                    How to crack WinIce Version 3.10 for Windows95

                      An introduction to virtual devices cracking

by +RCG, June 1997

WinIce95 is already cracked through various approaches (see all the other essays on this very "project2" page), yet I continued to work on it: I was worried about the caller for this routine. Following the code, I reached this caller: :000004BA 83EC6C sub esp, 0000006C :000004BD 57 push edi :000004BE 8D7C2404 lea edi, [esp + 04] :000004C2 CD20 *** int 20 ;VmmCall Save_Client_State :000004C4 8D00 lea eax, [eax] :000004C6 0100 add [eax], eax :000004C8 5F pop edi :000004C9 CD20 *** int 20 ;VmmCall Begin_Nested_Exec :000004CB 830001 add dword ptr [eax], 00000001 :000004CE 0066C7 add [esi-39], ah :000004D1 45 inc ebp :000004D2 1C00 sbb al, 00 :000004D4 2AB821000000 sub bh, [eax+00000021] ;Mov ax,21 :000004DA CD20 *** int 20 ; VmmCall Exec_Int :000004DC 8400 test [eax], al :000004DE 0100 add [eax], eax :000004E0 51 push ecx :000004E1 52 push edx :000004E2 0FB74518 movzx word ptr eax, [ebp+18] ;Year :000004E6 50 push eax :000004E7 0FB64514 movzx byte ptr eax, [ebp+14] ;Month :000004EB 50 push eax :000004EC 0FB64515 movzx byte ptr eax, [ebp+15] ;Day :000004F0 50 push eax :000004F1 E88A440500 call 00054980 ;This is the caller :000004F6 5A pop edx :000004F7 59 pop ecx :000004F8 83E803 sub eax, 00000003 :000004FB 7407 je 00000504 :000004FD C605FA88060059 mov byte ptr [000688FA], 59 ;This flag could be ;interesting.... :00000504 CD20 *** int 20 ; VmmCall End_Nested_Exec :00000506 8600 xchg [eax], al :00000508 0100 add [eax], eax :0000050A 56 push esi :0000050B 8D742404 lea esi, [esp + 04] :0000050F CD20 *** int 20 ; VmmCall Restore_Client_State :00000511 8E00 mov es, [eax] :00000513 0100 add [eax], eax :00000515 5E pop esi :00000516 83C46C add esp, 0000006C :00000519 C3 ret but in the last weeks I have been trying to understand VXD and now I understand it a little more. The 4 bytes following the int 20 opcode are the VmmCall codification, so don't worry about these stupid "nonsense" instructions. A Vxd can call an old interrupt service in real mode or better in V86 mode, to do this, it uses first the Begin_Nested_Exec, this prepare the OS and the CPU to execute it, when returning the Vxd restore the parameters and continue with the PM program. I hope that in a few weeks I'll be able to write a short tutorial about Vxd design. The idea is, Does Winice use the old DOS 2Ah service to get the system date? and, Does it W95 too? To answer this question I wrote the following small TSR program: ODIGO SEGMENT ASSUME CS:CODIGO .486 ORG 100h INICIO: mov ah,35h mov al,21h ;get int. vector int 21h ;returned in es:bx lea esi,Noth1 mov ax,esi mov [esi+2],ax mov [esi],bx push ds xor ax,ax mov ds,ax ;ds=0000 push cs ;ax=cs pop ax mov ds:86h,ax lea ax,New_Int21 mov ds:84h,ax pop ds jmp final New_Int21: cli cmp ax,2A00h jne Noth mov edx,[esp+4] test edx,edx ;SoftIce call?. jne Noth ;No ;Put here your install date mov al,1 ;Install day of week mov cx,1997 ;Install year mov dh,6 ;Install month mov dl,23 ;Install day sti iret Noth: sti jmp dword ptr cs:[Noth1] Noth1: dw 00,00 final: mov ax,3100h mov edx,offset final shr edx,1 shr edx,1 shr edx,1 shr edx,1 inc edx int 21h ;TSR ENDS CODIGO END INICIO Now, once it is compiled, add to your autoexec.bat file, just before the winice line, so you will have it permanently loaded. I changed a little this program and forced it to give always the same date, and after loading Windoze95, I changed the system date, but it has no effect, always the same date! Our Windoze95 OS and its "32 bits preemptive multitasking kernel" use the old DOS services to get the system date!!!! Could you imagine how many uses we can give to this fact? As first application of what we learned, let's crack our beloved Numega's Winie... I noticed that only Winie's call has a zero in the [esp+4] address, lets use this as a way to check if Winie is the real caller, just like I did. You can work on it... using Winie, write: e $0:84 now, you can see where in memory our TSR program is stored. 0000:00000084 2C 01 BC 09 F7 2F ........ \___/ \___/ Offset Segment and: u $9BC:12C or bpx $9BC:12C Note: Compile this program using the option: Tasm winiecrk.asm Tlink /t /3 winiecrk.obj Part 2: The same, using VxD plus a self-modifiable code: .386p .xlist include vmm.inc .list ;****************************************************************************** ; declare virtual device ;============================================================================== Declare_Virtual_Device VicecrkD, 3, 0ah, VicecrkD_Control, Undefined_Device_ID, \ Undefined_Init_Order,, Hooked_Int equ 21h ; This is the interrupt we want ; to hook. ;****************************************************************************** ; Initialization Code ;============================================================================== VXD_ICODE_SEG BeginProc VicecrkD_Sys_Crit_Init mov eax, Hooked_Int mov esi, OFFSET32 VicecrkD_V86_Int_Handler VMMCall Hook_V86_Int_Chain clc ret EndProc VicecrkD_Sys_Crit_Init VXD_ICODE_ENDS ;****************************************************************************** ; Code ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------ VXD_CODE_SEG ;****************************************************************************** ; Control dispatch proc ;============================================================================== BeginProc VicecrkD_Control Control_Dispatch Sys_Critical_Init, VicecrkD_Sys_Crit_Init clc ret EndProc VicecrkD_Control ;-------------------------------------------------------------------- ; VicecrkD_V86_Int_Handler ;-------------------------------------------------------------------- BeginProc VicecrkD_V86_Int_Handler pushad NOPS: jmp short Go_Ahead ;We will nop this to avoid the check jmp short No_Winie_Time_Request Go_Ahead: mov eax,[ebp.Client_EAX] cmp ax,2A00h jne short No_Winie_Time_Request mov eax,[ebp.Client_EBX] test eax,eax jne short No_Winie_Time_Request mov eax,[ebp.Client_EDI] test eax,eax jne short No_Winie_Time_Request mov eax,[ebp.Client_ESI] test eax,eax jne short No_Winie_Time_Request ;Now we will disable the Vxd and give Sice a "good ;guy" date once for all mov esi,offset32 NOPS mov word ptr [esi],9090h ;NOPS mov [ebp.Client_AX],1 ;Day of week mov [ebp.Client_CX],1997 ;Year mov [ebp.Client_DX],0617h ;6 => Month 17=> Day popad clc ;consume the interrupt ret No_Winie_Time_Request: popad stc ; don't consume the interrupt ret EndProc VicecrkD_V86_Int_Handler ;============================================================================== VXD_CODE_ENDS END To compile this you will need some include and exe files, you may try to fetch them here: ftp.ttt.bme.hu/pub/winddk/386/ This Vxd is based on VHook86D sample you can find in these ftp. Sorry if this document is a little unclear/rough, but unfortunately my free time is scarce in these days. Work on it yourself, I will re-publish a more 'decent' essay in two weeks time. Good Luck +RCG 1997 Post Scriptum: Here the DO.BAT file: ******************************************************************** masm5 -p -w2 -Mx vhook86d; link386 /NOI /NOD /NOP /MAP vhook86d,vhook86d.vxd,,,vhook86d.def addhdr vhook86d.vxd move vhook86d.vxd c:\windows\system\vmm32 @echo Now add this line to your system.ini @echo [386Enh] @echo . @echo . @echo . @echo device=*vhook86d ******************************************************************** Here the vhook86d.def file: ******************************************************************** LIBRARY VHook86D DESCRIPTION 'VHOOK86D Sample VxD for Microsoft Windows' EXETYPE DEV386 SEGMENTS _LTEXT PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE _LDATA PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE _ITEXT CLASS 'ICODE' DISCARDABLE _TEXT CLASS 'PCODE' NONDISCARDABLE _DATA CLASS 'PCODE' NONDISCARDABLE EXPORTS VHook86D_DDB @1 ********************************************************************

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