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June 1998
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It's a long long way to get rid of M$IE

(Don't trust your software - 2)
Concealed and hidden files inside your own computer.
D'you really know what your software is doing when you are asleep?

Second essay: It's a long long way to get rid of M$IE
A small contribution in order to damage Micro$oft
by reverser+, 17 June 1998

Dear readers, most sentient beings hate Micro$oft in such a passionate way, that at time it seems legitime to ask 'Why?'. Indeed some may wonder why is such a hate so deep rooted, so absolute, so fierce.
Well, a possibile answer is given in this small essay: Micro$oft 'plants' its software so DEEP in your computer, that you de facto cannot get rid of it, like it or not. Not surprisingly one of the most 'evil rooted' pieces of software is M$'s Internet Explorer. Billgato and his minions wanted to make sure that any user, once hoocked into using the M$-browser, would never have had the ability to easily change to a 'real' browser... well-knowing that nobody in his right mind would have returned to their pukesoftware.

As we have already seen in another essay What's behind the mm256.dat and mm2048.dat files?, already in Windows 95 (and NT) the interaction between Micro$oft's browser and Micro$oft's operating system has reached such a level that you can only tremble thinking what for monstruosities will conceal (yeah, it's the right word: conceal) windows'98.

I publish this now in the hope to damage a little more Micro$oft's current 'delicate' legal situation. Judge by yourself if this (the only way I know of to get really rid of Micro$oft's Interenet explorer once it has been installed) is the way an 'user friendly' operating system (whatever this is supposed to mean... IMO Unix is far more user friendly than windows :-) should handle its customers...

Well... you may start like all the nice brave users do: using the shoddy ADD/REMOVE function. Please do, go ahead, once you have finished you'll notice that there are still many files as well as Registry information and garbage pertaining to Micro$oft's Internet explorer.

How to purge completely your system of M$IE then?

Well, it's definitely NOT easy... one could think that Micro$oft actually DOES NOT WANT you to get rid of M$IE... well, here are the necessary steps (taken from Steven Patterson's list):

Best to print these instructions and follow directions while removing. When you are done, Every existance of IE will be gone, even the IE icon in the control panel.

Deleting IE - totally - step by step - don't hold your breath

It's quite a chore. These instructions originate from Microsoft: