Looking inside your Windows 98 again
Finding an hidden incredible database inside your computer

Version 2.0
Micro$oft bashing
02 December 1998
by TWD
Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering
slightly edited
by reverser+
A new release of TWD's very interesting logger...

Dedicated to my one and only love ...

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This essay is for all the people who whant to know what happens in their computer behind their back.

Looking inside your Windows 98
Tell me which applications you run and I tell you who you are

Written by TWD

This is the second part of an essay, written after I found some very interesting 
details inside YOUR (yeah) Win98. In the first part I introduced a program, 
written by myself, which helps to explore your (or any other) Win98 and 
to see which application were run on this OS. 
After a LOT of recoding, I release now a second version of my program.

Tools required
See first essay...

Target's URL/FTP

Program History
The first buggy version is for sale since June this year.


Because this is the second part of the essay, I wont repeat anything again. So 
read "Part One" before discontinue frustrated.

Obviously, not very much changed. But I totally recoded the "reading" procedure, which reads the "applog.ind". This speeds up the whole story, now the facts are sorted by name. (This wasn't possible in the last release, because of speed). And there is one additional part, the new "File Access Browser". Sounds good, doesn't it ??? It replaces notepad, when you click on one of the "*.lg*" files. It helps to get a better overview, which files are accessed. Not much to say about this new piece of code. It is selfexplanatory. These are the main enhancements, you can download the new version here. and of course I will be awaiting your answers, replies, wishes, silly questions, requests and comments ... That's all, bye till next time... TWD P.S.: Comments, suggestions, bug reports are always welcomed. Send them to twd(dot)rulez(at)gmx(dot)net

Final Notes

After the last release, I received a lot of funny eMails like this :

>>I am a paranoid as the guy next door, but some of this stuff might have a
>>decent purpose...

Surely, I wont deny that this bunch of information could eventually have 
even some sort of "decent purpose", but I can use them to analyze YOU an 
YOUR SYSTEM nevertheless, and this will tell me (or whoever does it) what 
kind of user to are.
The above is only a small excerpt of the eMail, but I had a lot of them in 
my "Mail/Inbox" and I'm tired of writing the same crap to thousands of 
people, so I say it here once again :

These information AREN'T USED by Micro$oft, not via Internet, 
not on a postal way, not by UPS, no way. They remain on your computer, 
but it is THERE that everybody could have a look at them...
It's very easy to access and get them (by BO -BackOrifice- or anything 
similar) so your boss or anybody else can read them since they 
are there, logged and ready to be served on request... (imagine your 
boss, when he finds your cherished "naughtysex.zip").

So keep your eyes open...

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