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Once you notice symptoms of TOO MUCH CODE in your applications, itchy APIs, excessive messiness or overbloatedness of your code...


Beware of too much code in your apps... it is a dangerous symptom!

Programming tone gone? DISCOURAGED? A subclinical deficiency may exist in your code or blood. Science has the answer for BOTH!
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So don't delay, delay may cost you your programming skills! Reverser keeps your sick programming style free of itchy APIs, routines seborrhea, and stops the cocde overbloating that they cause.

Reverser KILLS the programming capabilities destroying germs:
(1) Pytirosporum microsoftii (2) Staphylococcus visualbasici (3) Codebacterium buildici.

Leading crackers feel that in killing these germs you rid yourself of the terrible programming impoverishments that result in OVERBLOATEDNESS!

Reverser has been extremely successful with 'difficult' programming and code conditions! So restful is the new and specially 1998 improved amazing reverser formula, that you'll grow a more Virile CRACKER-PROGRAMMER attitudes in 30 days or you return the unused essays from reverser's site and your money will be refunded!

Reverser is an exclusive, laboratory-created, formula. Used by Rocco, cracker of the Late Thomas A. Edison.


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-I understand that if I am not delighted with the new and improved Reverser code formula I can return the unused essays after 10 days for full purchase price refund)

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