Dear +Reverser:

Sorry, Iīm too late to reply. Anyway...

Donīt you feel something is missing? You say: "is a mistake to lean too much on their petty, selfish interest.", man, canīt you see that pirates and bootleggers arenīt interested in learn nothing at all?! They seeks for profits only.

I bind up myself to read carefully all the letters you have received up to date, (including your reply to Benzedrin) and then apply reversing them: a) many people who state "OK, +Reverser, you are right, kick off all the beginnersī garbage" seems +crackers (see for instance frogīs print: "I think the +HCU has reached a point where there's no real way to make it more interesting or even to improve it." . b) many ones who are a bit dissapointed with your decision, seems to be beginners. c) all the people agree with the holy statement: "info wants to be free" but add their selfish rules (either to limitate or to superenhance the freedom). d) You feel yourself a bit void. You give a lot but donīt crop nothing at all. We (the readers-only) are a bunch of bloody wolves, vampires sucking blood from your jugular.

The exception (donīt fit into the reversed scheme): DaVinci. He is very clear when state: "I guess my greatest concern is that you don't do anything that would discourage the beginners." and "we were all beginners at one point" . (Goth, please, read carefully). I quote just a few but agree his whole letter and sincerely envy his sharpness and clearness.

See, Reverser: you cannot ask an elementary school pupil to write a study about molecular biology. Inevitably must result in a crap, no matter how so hard he works. Iīm just a beginner, I draw a lot of information from your site. ThankU+. I read a lot from your an other sites. But, damn!, Iīm so moron (It wonīt be long, I hope :-) that cannot write a single line without to appear a ridiculous one. And then, should I pay you for the information? Give me the invoice, I īll try to help you as long as I can, but please, donīt ask me today for a silly essay (that you donīt need, anyway).

Look, the problem -as you wrote- is: "grow or die". But "grow" does not imply to get rid of all the "crap" of to-day, that was diamonds just last week... this iamounts more or less to the similar "upgrade and die" paradigma (like your PC, if you "upgrade" it from W95 to W98 ;-) Can't you find the Zen way? Let the Ying and Yang stay together in your site.

Watch, we (the newbies) can understand that an essay like "cracking windows calculator" will be very boring for all +masters (see the pitty words from Goth). Can't you, and Goth, and all +masters, keep in mind that itīs nevertheless essential for newbies? A gigabyte is now cheap. All your readers would be happy -I'm sure- to give you a little contribution for the sake of knowledge. Let your site unchanged for the beginners and make a new one for those who deserve the honor to access all higher levels. If you do so, we (beginners) can learn some basics and Frogīs Print will not get bored to death. And give access to the new site only to the people you want (anyway it would not make much sense for newbies... figure you a beginner dealing with ring-0 privileges, virtual memory handlers and segmentation, LRU algorithms... :-O)

Briefly, IMHO you should give to all +masters that who belongs to +masters and the remainder should be given to the beginners. Perhaps reducing all redundancies... If you wish, I can help you checking out the essays, although Iīm not sure to be the right one. (Test me!).

A word about me (should not matter at all)

Iīm neither Red nor Cracker (I hope to become ;-). Just a newbie, but +Old. Protection schemes in software programs are my hobby (just like other people collects post stamps or build little ships into bottles). It does not matter to me if the targets are commercial or not. Although the money is a very rare stuff in my life, I don't do it for money: I just crack and reverse for pleasure.

I also read for the sake of knowledge (I guess you teach us all for the same reason)
See, I (like other million people) got access to the Net some time ago -you should consider Iīm living in a far, poor, LatinAmerica country :-(

Finally, facing the risk to getting you mortaly bored here is my personal excuse for non contributing: I never sent any essay coz I cannot give you a very nice one, though I have improved a little. Some time ago (say 4 years ago, when I was fascinated by the computer virus subculture), I fancied to get a "mastership" by "discovering" the PIQ trick for the 386 and I wrote a protection scheme for my own polymorph encrypter / decrypter procedure -to be attached in the begining of a program (right, I read about it in your pages, I noticed also that the Pentium chip definitively shut down the PIQ trick :-(

Oh!, yes, I wrote my own tools too. For example, a DOS TSR that intercepts file activity via INT21h, logging it in a text file... useful but quite out of date, wouldn't you think?

And, of course, I normally speak spanish, so my readers should forgive my syntax.

I sincerely appreciate your huge effort in support reversing and cracking and protecting. Have a grat new year, and be happy. All that what people do, should be done for the sake of happyness.

eidan yoson eidan(at)rocketmail(point)com