Benzedrin's contribution and my answer to him (and others)

Benzedrin's contribution

dear reverser,

first to say that this is the first time I'm writing such a mail as reaction on visiting a webside. I'm something like a quiet visitor and enjoyer of sides like yours, neither a hacker/cracker or programmer at all. Perhaps I'd like to be but I'm not the kind of man doing such abstract things. It's not my way. I love computers and would like to use them more the way I wish to, so I try to get information about it where it's possible.
About half a year ago I came to your side and was so impressed I immediatly downloaded a lot (sorry for that if you mind...) to be able to read it offline because so much information I never got to was to large to pick up instantly.
I read all I downloaded, I tried to understand it which isn't that easy - I'm not English and not used to your terminology- but I'll keep trying because this is the most precious thing I found in the web yet. Now that I have studied a lot of your site I realize why the web can be so powerful and new.

But it's not only the information, it's also your attitude,opinion and thoughts I'm profiting of. For weeks I wanted to thank you for that and wanted to encourage you going on like this, to continue what you started years ago together with your +crackers. Now that I've read your september news I got offended. I am something like a newbe and have no chance in co-operating but receiving what masters as you or +gthorne and all others offer me. In my opinion masters have a obligation to teach not only the elite. These should be able to do it yourself. But what's their knowledge worth if it's not shared and spread? I think it will die out or wither in a secret circle.

Well, I'm not against a change, for example sometimes I find it hard to get back to lets say an essay I want to read again which is lost deep down in your sides, but who if not you teaches me about javascripts, what an M$ Internet Explorer does when I'm surfing, who gives me a sealight-searchmachine where can I read such a funny article like IH8U's about Bypassing Win98's Serial Check and so on. I think there are lots of people like me who come to your page to get such information not only to search for cracks of games or progs or things like that.

In hope you don't mind me telling you this, I hope you understand what I trying to tell you. I would be sad being shut out as a non-reverser and loosing what we call "esprit" as you offer.

I just read Freeman's mail and his words about the child and the athlete. Maybe you're disappointed or bored but isn't it very satisfying if you succed at least with one child?

No matter what your decision might be i love to come back


my answer to Benzedrin (and others)

Ah, the old problem!

How d’you find information? That’s the first question. What d’you do with the info you have found? That’s the second one.

See, Benzedrin, I'm not fed up with people like you, I’m fed up with people that don’t want to give, because I’m fed up with people that don’t want to LEARN. See, one of the things I have learned (and that I wish all readers of my site will learn in due time) is that you should always WORK on the info you find, and then you should give at least a little part of this work as ‘feedback’, as stimulus to the development of the material you did read. That’s the real spirit of the web of ‘old’.

Now, see you don’t need to be a ‘top elite insider’ to give a little. Why do you say that you "have no chance in co-operating"? In fact there are MANY helpful things you could do, if you wanted. Let’s imagine you’r really interested in an advanced section of mine (this one does not exist, it’s just an example), let's say... "advanced section on code flow charting analysers" and flow analysing techniques.

So you plod through my basic ‘flow analysing’ section and then read "please understand: to access the advanced section you should contribute somehow". Oh my! Restricted information! How awful! Reverser+, you bloody Anti+ORC!

Now, would it really be so difficult to gather a lot of information on code flowcharting, and, say, put together a small essay about the existing tools? Or, say, prepare a small page of links to what you have already found that is not listed in my basic section? Or, say, criticise the text you found on my basic section on this and that points you don’t agree with? Or, say, point out some interesting connections that have not been seen yet? And so on, and so on... d’you get the picture? There are MANY forms of contributing that require a little (a little!) work on your part and that are so easy to accomplice I could shriek... when I see how few actually care to give something (something, just something!) back. I'm not speaking of you, Benzedrin, (although I cannot remember you did contribute until now :-) I'm speaking of those that instead of contributing, instead of working just a little to show that they care for what they are doing, that they have learned that the net is based upon mutual help, instead of giving something, even small crumbs... instead of that I keep finding a lotta readers ready to defend their holy right to leech whatever they want, even that what is meant only for real students... ah, those readers don’t seem to know the ABC of information...

Should I open my advanced site-busting pages to all teenagers that just want to brag around? D’you really want the spammers to know how to defeat every anti-spamming defense? Should any idiot be capable of nuking his neighbour’s email address just because he does not like the way he looks/smells/speaks? We are speaking of (in part) real information here, and real information is powerful (yeah, I know this sounds stupid, yet it is damn true :-(
Therefore real information deserves your own work, your attempt in developing yourself... c'mon, at least a little. Besides myy site is already quite dangerous as it is, as anyone can see and many testify... and I think I’ll soon shut down most of it anyway.

See, readers, the ABC of information is that information is NOT free. It must be found, it must be reversed, it must be passed to others... all this requires work and understanding. $ Either you are capable to work and give, either you understand the VALUE of the (free) information you can gather on this site (and some other sites, I'm -thanks godzilla- not the only one), or you do not, and you just want to exploit pre-chewed info that others have gathered without your contribution and without your help.

If that is the case (and I hope not), then, only for those readers... get lost.