BEGINNERS: A correction/addition to RudeBoy's essay
Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering
Slightly edited by reverser+, 3 May 1998

...when I wanted to send this tutorial to you I realized that somebody 
(The_Rude_Boy) already published an essay on the same target (rudeboy.htm).
Well at first I thought "Now my tut is worthless!". Yet, when I was done 
reading Rudeboy's tut I realized that my tut could be quite good and interesting 
after all... (sorry Rude_Boy)... Especially (but not only) for beginners... 
You better read it to believe it... 


------------------------------------------------------------------- A correction/addition to RudeBoy's essay How to Crack PolyView V2.9.0 (and any other version as well) By ReZeL -------------------------------------------------------------------
1) Introduction; Well, first of all I would like to thank +0RC, reverser+, Lordcaligo, Ed!son, +Natzgul and all of you guys that wrote great tutorials. Please keep up the good work! 2) What's needed for this cracking session; Target Program: Polyview V2.9.0 ( This program is an image viewer and coversion tool for windoze95 and NT. Tools : 1) Our beloved Softice (I used V3.2 for windoze95) - This is the best debugger so far (Thanks NuMega!) 2) W32dsm diassembler (I used W32dsm V8.9) - This is IMO the best windows disassembler so far 3) Hexworkshop or any other hexeditor - Which one doesn't matter, as long as you can hexedit the file for "permanent" cracking... if you wish. 3) The Main Part Now let the fun begin... Step 1: Run the program (polyview) and you'll see the pretty pictre of a parrot with the "UNREGISTERED" string written onto it. I assume you already know how to use softice (if not than go get it and read Ed!son excellent manual on windoze95 cracking). Step 2: Go to registration and license registration. Enter the name and license # mine goes like this . Licensee: ReZeL License number: 1122334455 (this is my lucky number :). Step 3: Enter softice (Ctrl-D), now you are into softice. There are a lot of ways to fish the proctection scheme. you can bpx on hmemcpy for example, or getdlgitemtexta,getwindowtexta and so on (Get +Orc and Ed!son tutorials to learn how to do a good protection scheme fishing). OK! I save you the work bpx getwindowtext will do the job. Strange as it may seems, though this application is for window 95 yet the bpx getwindowtextA (32 bit app won't work here) Step 4: Press Ctrl-D to get back to the application. Press "OK" and you'll be back into Softice. Press F12 until you get to the caller of this function. You and scroll up (Ctrl- arrow) will see some code as belows: . . 014f:004988909 50 push eax 014f:0049890a ff7508 push dword ptr [ebp+08] 014f:0049890d ff157c9e4e00 Call [user32!getwindowtexta] 014f:00498913 3bc6 cmp eax,esi 014f:00498913 7514 jnz 0049892b . . Note: The segment (014f may not be the same on your system hence remember your real segment as it will be used later on.. You can step through the function if you want! bu I prefer using our second tool now!!!! Step 5: do bd 0 to disable the bpx we set before and proceed with Ctrl-D , you will get the window with "registration unsuccessful. please bla bla bla.... don't be so bad you will crack that in a minute or two. Well, we'll see.. Step 6: Fire up w32dsm89 now and open the polyview.exe file. Save that file as project so you won't lost precious time again to disassemble it in future. Look at all string references. Search for Register unsuccesful, double click on it will bring the cursor to the possible reference. Scroll up and look who brought you there and you'll se reference to the conditional jump at 00434d79. Check 00434d79 and a little bit above (we want to know what's going on before the code do the jump at 00434d79 don't we?). You'll se the code as follows: . . 00434d65 8b0f move ecx,dword ptr [esi+00000168],eax 00434d67 50 push eax <===== Your fake key here 00434d68 51 push ecx <===== Your handle here 00434d69 898668010000 mov dword ptr [esi+00000168],eax 00434d6f e83c0bffff call 004258b0 <==== We want to trace this call 00434d74 83c408 add esp,00000008 00434d77 test eax,eax 00434d79 je 00434e1c <==== This is the reference 00434d7f 3beb cmp ebp,ebx to the "Register unsuccesful" string well now, you see before that conditional jump there is a call to 00425b0 yess... something fishy is going on. But if you just change the je to jne you need to deal with the other conditional jump before you reach the "register successful" string (refer to disassembler). Hence it is not an effective way to crack (which I didn't do :) at least before i proceed with inspection of the suspicious caller. Step 7: Run the polyview again and repeat step 1 to step 4, now you are ready to debug the application again. After step 4, this is what you need to do bd 0 (disable the breakpoint) and do G 014f:434d65 (You did remember the offset did you?) and you'll break at just exactly before the calling function. Now what we gonna do is tracing the "Caller" so do f10 until you step on the call 004258b0 and do T to trace it.... Now this is what you'll see in the call code: 014f:004258b6 6aff push ff 014f:004258b8 6868364b00 push 004b3660 014f:004258bd 50 push eax 014f:004258be 64892500000000 mov FS: [00000000],esp ;fs:000000=0105f9fc 014f:004258c5 83ec08 sub esp,08 014f:004258c8 53 push ebx 014f:004258c9 55 push ebp 014f:004258ca 56 push esi 014f:004258cb 57 push edi 014f:004258cc 8b7c2428 mov edi,[esp+28] 014f:004258d0 6890284e00 push 004e2890 014f:004258d5 57 push edi 014f:004258d6 e8c5000000 call 004259a0 014f:004258db 8b5c2434 mov ebx,[esp+34] 014f:004258df 83c408 add esp,08 014f:004258e2 3bc3 cpm ebx,eax 014f:004258e4 7518 jnz 004258fe now you see that the last jump (jnz 004258fe) is the one who say that you key are good or bad. How to know the good key? well, you just need to do ?ebx and you'll see the number string (this is the real key). To confirm this you do ?eax and you'll see in my case '1122334455' string which is my fake key. Yess!!! that picture of parrot no more will have the unregistered string on it......... For me the key will be 302477010 (if ?eax give you leading zeros just ignore it , i,e: ?ebx you get 0302477010 then the key will be 302477010 also please ignore the negative number if any) Now, if you want to make the 'keymaker' simply trace the code "of.class" tppabs="" the first caller (4258b0) until the comparison which is i'm pretty sure the real key generator given your name as reference. Step 8: Now you want to crack this application for good isn't it? What you should do? Hexeditor come in handy to patch the jump from jnz to jz (now anything you enter EXCEPT the real key will register the application) . So search the string in hexworkshop for 83c4083bc37518 and before you change 75 byte to 74 byte please do search again to make sure there is only one place in the app which same as your search string. what you need to do is patch 83c4083bc37518 to 83c4083bc37418. Now your patch is done. Enjoy! 4) Reading Suggestion; Cracking Manuals: * +Orc cracking tutorial (all of them) go and grab it! * Ed!son cracking manual for Windoze95 * Uncle Joe handbook * +Orc student's essays (quite a lot!) * CBD tutorial * and all other tutorials (too many too list) Assembly Manual: * Assembly tutorial from Guadalajara and Yale university * Others (there is a lot of information you can get for free on the net) Tools Manual: * Softice Manual by NuMega 5)Outro Greet goes to (in no particular order): +Orc, reverser+, Lordcaligo, Ed!son, +Natzgul, Odin, Razzia, +X0anon, +Greythorne st0ne, TKC, CBD, ^pain^, the rest of the +Crackers and all other nice and clever crackers who realease their tutorials to the scene. Knowledge is power.....Only when we use it!! Note: 1. The real key won't be obsolete and can be used for all future versions (as polybyte claims in the help file) 2. The software can be unregistered by re-register it with false key so you can try to register it with other name to prove that's it is working 3. Do not STEAL this target! If you use it other than for cracking and protection studying purposes, register it. If you want to steal this program, this is a long (and useless) way to do it: just download it, already regged, from a stupid warez site and beggar off. That's it guys... sign off in peace ReZeL

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