Outtiming the time limit and stack defeating two CRC checks

by douby
21 October 1998
(slightly edited by reverser+)
Courtesy of reverser's pages of reverse engineering
Well, this is a very "clean" (and interesting) beginners essay. Of course there are many other approaches you could have used in order to tackle such protection schemes, yet the simple approach used by Douby is very effective and well-thought. Protectors will note (and make use of) the idea about false time-limit compares inside the code. It is in general true that crackers believe most protections to be stupid (since -tautologically- they see most stupid protections)... therefore a couple of red-herrings could seriously delay the cracking of the real scheme.
And now enjoy this good essay, and I hope that Douby will add to it the re-enabling of the save as well: there's absolutely no need of the relevant code inside the target (where it probably lays anyway): just enable the save using some spare space inside the target's code (see the old wdasm-demo essays in Project 0, for instance)...
Target: Rebirth-338 1.5 demo version
Protection: Time limit/Save disabled/Crc check

Tools used: 	- soft-ice 3.23
		- wdasm v8.5
		- Uedit 32

I couldn't fix the save disabled function because i think the code is
simply missing :-( but hey! I could be wrong ;-) Never the less it was fun
cracking this target so let's proceed .. shall we?


The first time i fired up rebirth i got a dialogbox saying something like ... This is a demo version of rebirth 338. Saving is disabled and the program quits after 30 minutes ... The first thing i could think of was 30d=1eh. I hoped rebirth was using 2 counters one to keep track of the minutes and another one for the seconds so i searched the dead listing for a cmp eax, 0000001eh and.... BINGO! I went into softice put a breakpoint on it and.... alas! nothing happenend so i was wrong... the target uses a compare on a dword pointer... yet this gives us a good idea for protectors that want to annoy crackers badly: just put inside your code two or three redherrings with the corresponding cmp hexvalue, and send the cracker on a useless chase (or worse)... I searched the dead listing again for inc byte ptr and inc dword ptr but there were too many possibilities... and it wasn't worth to check them all. So i did the simplest thing i could think of: i took a nip of my hoegaarden beer and put a bpx on dialogboxparama and waited patiently all the time it was needed. 30 minutes later ... BINGO i was back in softice .. i pressed f10 a couple of times and this is where it got me... :00411026 8945FC mov dword ptr [ebp-04], eax :00411029 E89DFD0300 call 00450DCB :0041102E 3B45FC cmp eax, dword ptr [ebp-04] ;time up? :00411031 0F8C28000000 jl 0041105F ;if so don't jump ;else jmp to 0041105F ;and continue with Rb :00411037 33C0 xor eax, eax :00411039 A054354700 mov al, [00473554] :0041103E 85C0 test eax, eax ;is this my 1st time here? :00411040 0F8519000000 jne 0041105F ;if not jmp to 0041105f :00411046 C6055435470001 mov byte ptr [00473554], 01 ;else set flag :0041104D 6A06 push 00000006 :0041104F E8E37D0200 call 00438E37 ;display quit message :00411054 83C404 add esp, 00000004 :00411057 8B4DF8 mov ecx, dword ptr [ebp-08] :0041105A E8959A0300 call 0044AAF4 ;quit :0041105F E900000000 jmp 00411064 ;the continue jump Now crack it, fire up rebirth again and see what happens .... First the annoying demonstration message and then a dialogbox containing a quitting rebirth message... Mmmm there's probably some kind of crc check... let's put a bpx on dialogboxparama and fire up Rb again... When SI pops up for the first time we're in the display demonstration dialogbox routine ... the second time we're in the quitting rb message routine ... now press f10 a couple of times and... a dead end!! :0041312F C3 ret :00413130 6A25 push 00000025 :00413132 E8005D0200 call 00438E37 ;displays the quit message :00413137 83C404 add esp, 00000004 :0041313A 6A00 push 00000000 :0041313C 6A00 push 00000000 :0041313E E88D3D0400 call 00456ED0 ;the quit routine :00413143 B849314100 mov eax, 00413149 :00413148 C3 ret Hmm probably the dialogbox containing the demonstration message and the dialogbox containing the quit message are in the initialization routine. So if we compare the return values of the 2 dialogboxes when they are in their display routine and put a bpx on the first return value of the demonstration dialogbox that differs from the quit dialogbox we'll end up right before the checksum (hopefully ;-) ...


let's take a look at the return values of the demonstration dialogbox ... so put a bpx on dialogboxparama and fire up Rb again... We're in the first dialogbox display routine... type stack [enter] and... XXXX:0045787B XXXX:0044C199 XXXX:00413CDB XXXX:00412EDF XXXX:00438E79 XXXX:00438F4F Ok press Ctrl-D again and... we're in the display quit routine... type stack [enter] and ... XXXX:0045787B XXXX:0044C199 XXXX:00413CDB XXXX:00413137 <- This is the one XXXX:00438E79 XXXX:00438F4F Ok let's put a bpx on XXXX:00412EDF and fire up Rb again ... this is where it will get us... :00412ED8 6A05 push 00000005 :00412EDA E8585F0200 call 00438E37 ;display demonstration msg :00412EDF 83C404 add esp, 00000004 :00412EE2 E8F6030000 call 004132DD ;create checksum :00412EE7 A330354700 mov [00473530], eax ;save checksum :00412EEC A12C354700 mov eax, [0047352C] ;get right checksum :00412EF1 390530354700 cmp dword ptr [00473530], eax ;if different GET LOST!! :00412EF7 0F8405000000 je 00412F02 ;else continue :00412EFD E92A010000 jmp 0041302C ;GET LOST!! Ok let's change the code of mov eax, [0047352C] in mov eax, [00473530] this way we'll always pass the test no matter what we change in the code ... ahh i thought I was finally done ... so i fired up Rb again and tested it ...


Alas!! some of the functions weren't working at all... hmm how could this be? .. we'll i must have made some mistake... so i put a bpx again on 00412EDF again and took a good look around... :00412ED8 6A05 push 00000005 :00412EDA E8585F0200 call 00438E37 :00412EDF 83C404 add esp, 00000004 :00412EE2 E8F6030000 call 004132DD :00412EE7 A330354700 mov [00473530], eax :00412EEC A12C354700 mov eax, [00473530] ;used to be [0047352C] :00412EF1 390530354700 cmp dword ptr [00473530], eax :00412EF7 0F8405000000 je 00412F02 :00412EFD E92A010000 jmp 0041302C Aha !! ... the value at location [0047352C] and the value at location [00473530] both contain a different value .. so if there is some kind of future check on these values the program will still know that someone has been messing around with the code ... let's put a bpm on both locations press ctrl-d again, click on the save as menu function and .. BINGO!! we're in... :0040C639 25FFFF0000 and eax, 0000FFFF :0040C63E 2B052C354700 sub eax, dword ptr [0047352C] :0040C644 030530354700 add eax, dword ptr [00473530] :0040C64A 668945F0 mov word ptr [ebp-10], ax :0040C64E 8B4D08 mov ecx, dword ptr [ebp+08] Aha!! .. if the values in [0047352C] and [00473530] are different the original value of eax will change ... so all we have to do is to make sure the values in both [0047352C] and [00473530] are the same ... so this is what i did ... i changed this (the checksum check)... :00412EE2 E8F6030000 call 004132DD :00412EE7 A330354700 mov [00473530], eax :00412EEC A12C354700 mov eax, [00473530] ; used to be [0047352C] :00412EF1 390530354700 cmp dword ptr [00473530], eax into .. :00412EE2 E8F6030000 call 004132DD ;create checksum :00412EEC A12C354700 mov eax, [0047352C] ;get right checksum :00412EE7 A330354700 mov [00473530], eax ;save checksum :00412EF1 390530354700 cmp dword ptr [00473530], eax ;if different GET LOST!! this way you'll always have the right checksum in both locations ... ;-) the end... i hope you liked my essay if you've got any suggestions or something else to say you can email me at douby_(at)hotmail(dot)com bye..

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