BEGINNERS: Prassi CD-REP trial stupid protection
(dead listing a very easy protection scheme)

by PipoMan

(12 December 1997, slightly edited by reverser+)
Courtesy of reverser's page of reverse engineering
Well, a very simple essay on a very stupid protection, I know I should not even publish anymore these articles (and pass them to +gthorne's new "Beginner section"), yet this one has some elements that are pretty interesting... and this whole section is anyway dedicated to 'stupid protections', so you cannot expect to find here 'state of the art' reversing essays :-)
Anyway I like this short article because I like 'stubborn' reversers, that do not "leave hold" of a target until they understand HOW the different elements of the alien code they are investigating fit together... so I'm publishing this, and I'm sending it over to +gthorne as well :-)

In the world of protections you can still find stupid protections. Stupid protections are protection schemes you can remove as soon as you see the disassembly code. Here is another example of these. If you're a beginner in reverse engineering you can read this otherwise forget this article: it's only for beginners!

Soft : Prassi CD-REP 1.0.028 (
Protection : Time Trial Protection (30 days)
Tool : Wdasm32, any version


What's the problem ?

After you've installed CD-REP 1.0.028 you can use it 30 days.And 30 days later (or 2 seconds later with the system time) you can see a message box like : Sorry,this demo version has expired or Sorry, this demo has expired because the system time has been changed.
You're very disapointed because you need CD-REP to record your CDs, of course you have others softs but this one looks like CDRWIN or DAO and you love this king of soft (I don't understand why  ... )
So you decide to look at protection sheme :

First Step

Run your favorite disassembler (like w32dasm89) and look for the nasty string : Sorry,this demo version has expired
After few seconds you find out:

* Referenced by a Jump at Address:9038(C) 
:9835 8D542458       lea edx, dword ptr [esp+58] 
:9839 52             push edx 
* Reference to String Resource ID=00078: "Sorry, this demo version has expired." 
:983A 6A4E           push 4E 
:983C EB0F           jmp 984D 

* Referenced by a Jump at Address:902C(C) 
:983E 8D542454       lea edx, dword ptr [esp+54] 
:9842 6800020000     push 200                        
:9847 52             push edx 
* Reference to String Resource ID=00269: "Sorry, this demo has expired because the system time has bee" 
:9848 680D010000     push 10D                       

* Referenced by a Jump at Address:983C(U) 
:984D A12C3E4600     mov eax, dword ptr [00463E2C]   
:9852 50             push eax                        
* Reference To: USER32.LoadStringA, Ord:0183h 
:9853 FF1540F74700   Call dword ptr [0047F740]       ;Display the string 

You notice two offsets :
    9835 : Referenced by a Conditional Jump at 9038 , and 983E : Referenced by a Conditional Jump at 902C
You found out where the strings are displayed, now let's find out why...

Second Step

We will now have a look at the code near 902C .....

:9013 E8684C0000      call DC80                 ;A function that return something in EAX 
:9018 8BF0            mov esi, eax 
:901A 81E6FFFF0000    and esi, 0000FFFF         ;In fact just LSB is important 
:9020 8BC6            mov eax, esi 
:9022 83E800          sub eax, 00000000         ;Strange 
:9025 7459            je 9080                   ;Very Strange 
:9027 2DFEFF0000      sub eax, 0000FFFE 
:902C 0F840C080000    je 983E                   ;Display "you've changed the system time..;"
:9032 48              dec eax 
:9033 6800020000      push 00000200 
:9038 0F84F7070000    je 9835                   ;Display "the demo version has expired..."
:903E 8B0D2C3E4600    mov ecx, dword ptr [00463E2C] ;Ok the demo version remains available 
:9044 8D842458020000  lea eax, dword ptr [esp+00000258] 
:904B 50              push eax 
:904C 6A41            push 41  ;"This is a full functional demo version of the application"  
:904E 51              push ecx 
:904F FF1540F74700    Call dword ptr [0047F740]      ;USER32.LoadStringA, Ord:0183h
:9055 8D942454020000  lea edx, dword ptr [esp+00000254] 

That's right you find out what you need. You could just change JE 983E and JE 9835 into NOPs and go back to your sleepy laziness, tomorrow you would be able to use CD-REP, and the day after as well, and so on... But we are NOT here in order to use software for free, we are here in oredr to understand the CODE! So let's now work on all this, and let's delve deeper inside our target... yeah, it's already cracked, so what? We'll still find some nice little fishes, just follow me...

In fact there is something strange at offset 9022. Why this test? Is there another solution or is it another protection?
In fact if  EAX=0 the program jumps into 9080. If  you look at 9080 you will see that the message box ("This is a full functional demo version of the application...")  is not displayed and the program runs without checking the date !!
So there is an easier solution : force EAX to be NULL ... How ? ... Change AND ESI,0000FFFF in AND ESI,00000000 at offset 901A.
However, I'm too curious, and I wonder why this test was used and I decided to look at DC80 : the function that returns something in EAX.

Third Step

So what's going on ?

:DC75 81C458010000            add esp, 00000158 
:DC7B C3                      ret                 ;Ok DC80 cannot be run except by 0913 
:DC7C 90                      nop 
:DC7D 90                      nop 
:DC7E 90                      nop 
:DC7F 90                      nop 

* Referenced by a CALL at Address:9013            ;This is our only call
:DC80 83EC7C                  sub esp, 7C 
:DC83 66833DE4BA450000        cmp word ptr [5BAE4], 0  ;Very interesting !! 
:DC8B 53                      push ebx 
:DC8C 55                      push ebp 
:DC8D 56                      push esi 
:DC8E 57                      push edi 
:DC8F 750B                    jne DC9C           ;if [5BAE4]!=0 jump for calculous ... 
:DC91 6633C0                  xor ax, ax         ;else AX=0 
:DC94 5F                      pop edi 
:DC95 5E                      pop esi 
:DC96 5D                      pop ebp 
:DC97 5B                      pop ebx 
:DC98 83C47C                  add esp, 7C 
:DC9B C3                      ret                 ;That's all 
  * Referenced by a Jump at Address:DC8F(C) 
:DC9C 6A00                    push 0 
:DC9E E80DBF0000              call 00429BB0 
 Let's have a look at 5BAE4 .... 

:0045BAB8 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  ........ 
:0045BAC0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  ........ 
:0045BAC8 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  ........ 
:0045BAD0 69 78 12 BE D5 E3 5D 3C  ix....]<:0045bad8 D3 67 D4 81 FA 81 DC 77 .g.....w :0045BAE0 00 00 83 00 1E 00 02 00  ........ 
:0045BAE8 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  ........ 
:0045BAF0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  ........ 

Oh ... 0x1E! So in fact 30 in decimal .... THIRTY! Ok like 30 days.... that's right if it was 0000, the test in DC8F would be false and EAX would return a NULL value. So I have to change 1E in 00 and that' s all ....
But the flag inside memory location [0045BAE4] could be important for the rest of the protection scheme! So let's go for a "brutal" search of the text string "45BAE4"...

The first occurence is :

:8DC2 8BCA                              mov ecx, edx
:8DC4 83E103                           and ecx, 00000003
:8DC7 663905E4BA4500          cmp word ptr [0045BAE4], ax  ; Is this test important ?
:8DCE F3                                   repz
:8DCF A4                                  movsb
:8DD0 742B                               je 8DFD  ; No it displays (DEMO) in the main window

* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->" (Demo)"
:8DD2 BF18C64500              mov edi, 0045C618
:8DD7 83C9FF                      or ecx, FFFFFFFF
:8DDA F2                               repnz
:8DDB AE                              scasb
:8DDC F7D1                          not ecx

Cool, I shoot the word demo in the main window ... I guess that [0045BAE4] means "type of running application": demo (of n days) or not demo... that is the question?

The second occurence takes place in a part of program which deals with RegKey, so [45BAE4] is used to calculate a value written in the register base. If you reeinstall CD-REP after 30 days the program can't run because the date of first installation is frozen in the register base. So don't worry it's classical ...

No more occurences ... I think it's over.


After testing the program (with few copies in different modes for example) you valid your patch and you think it's too easy ... but it is so ... let's write an article on Most Stupid Protection.

I would add that CP-REP is a very good soft, better and safer than Easy-CD, and more convinient than DAO. It can be run on windows 95 and windows NT ( althrough Dr Watson disagree ). So have fun ... Bye, See you soon for another article of Pipoman (Anyone wondering what does "Pipoman" mean?... I will tell you...) (c) PipoMan All rights reversed

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