Although I don't have nearly the leg to stand on that +Mammon does, I 
                 will tell my opions nonetheless...

                 I think a ReDesign is a great idea, And I think that you should keep
                 cracking sections the same (unless for space considerations...) and you 
                 should only accept OUTSTANDING advanced cracking Tutorials (not as 
                 though I understand them yet).

                 I for one would love to see more on how to Reverse Engineer products -
                 have spent a few good hours changing Netscape into eScape! And I feel 
                 this stuff is the most important things anyone can be doing (I know it 
                 sounds a little self-righteous, ohwell)

                 I feel [stepping onto soapbox] that by fixing the applications we 
                 currently have, we gain the ammunition to make the better programs of 
                 I'm currently in the throws of trying to 'fix' one of our most used 
                 tools W32-Dasm... although this program is well suited for the task it 
                 does, it was written terribly (sorry to the coder).  I can't even
                 a file to disassemble except for ONE method.  No command line, no OLE, 
                 no DDE nothing.
                 [stepping down]

                 In conclusion, I feel that your site is great, and whatever path your 
                 should choose to head, that It will in some way better the software 
                 Thank you for the dissemanation of your knowledge - and providing a 
                 vechile through which other GREAT software agents / reality crackers / 
                 coders / anyother person with sound ideas may spread their own brand of