I have my two cents to toss into the forum of site changes.  Change
is good, though only when the result compliments the intent of the
     I managed to find your site while attempting to learn to crack all
the latest proggies for the glory of having my handle posted on all
manner of warez sites when they were the "only sites worth visiting" in
my then deluded opinion; I ended up with alot more than I intended.  
     I'm concerned that if you limit essays to "Extremely advanced" this
site will become an "elite" site leaving anyone new to software -- I
might add that these are the people who need the knowledge most, before
they begin to blindly accept the MS-Methodology of programming -- "alone
in the deep dark codewoods."  It always seemed to me that this was an
open forum for anyone to learn.  Quite frankly, I've taken a look at
other "cracking" pages out there, and newbies can't help but be led into
the blind cracking they preach.  This site is a beacon of hope; a last
stand against the twilight of knowledge.  Draw them in with the
temptation of the crack, Plant the seeds of wisdom in secrecy, Help them
reap the benifits of knowledge.  Mankind by nature is drawn to creative
passifism -- Force Wisdom, Preach Philo Sophia.  Do not go quietly into
that good night!  Host knowledge in all of it's levels -- rage!. Rage
against the dying of the light!
     The essays are the rosetta stone; though mottled and frequently
misguided, they provide the key.  From them a more complete
"translation" should be born.  Remove the emphasis from the essays, and
direct it to a refined "Base Knowledge" encompassing OS architecture
(not restricted to PC) and hardware functionality (atleast for the
software aspects of the site).  Armed with such an arsenal anyone can
crack, reverse, engineer, research, protect, whatever their fancy, at
atleast a base level.  The pyramids were not built from the point
     Tools are the key to learning.  Newton needed an apple, Galileo
needed a telescope; More emphasis should be placed on "Learning Tools",
as they are the reverser's crystal ball.  Documentation should accompany
each tool detailing the method in which it was implemented, thus the
tool itself becomes a lesson.  A list of software projects should be
kept for interested parties to find one another and collaborate. 
Plutonium does little in small amounts...accumulate enough together and
the results are dramatic (as the people of Tchernobyl discovered
at all too high of a cost).
     Waste not efforts on directing the use of knowledge, to nature all
order must fall.  Some will damage programmers, some will damage
themselves, some will gain new knowledge, and in the end there is no
option but to share knowledge.  The struggle of Sysaphus accomplishes
more each day; A moment wasted is a tragedy to mankind and the lease we
have on life.
     Your site is truely an oasis in the vast Wasteland we have chosen
as our consortium.
     Thankyou for providing and maintaining such a valuable resource,
and holding the torch against the commercialization of our most valued 
possession -- Knowledge.

God is dead.  -Nietzsche
Nietzsche is dead.  -God