The Owl's great books of our trade

25 November 1998

courtesy of reverser+'s page of reverse engineering

slightly edited, the schedules mentioned apparently couldn't be met ;-)

   great book in hungarian only... it's about raw pmode programming,
stuff you won't necessarily run into in the windows/linux worlds (like
processor tasks or conforming code segments).

   advanced windows by jeffrey richter, introduces to the finer details
of win32 programming, although in c only.

   windows assembly language and systems programming by barry kauler,
probably a classical work, although the way the material is presented is at a
lower level than one would expect from someone with an academic background.

   windows nt file system internals by rajeev nagar, one of the best
books on nt internals (not only its file system!).

   writing windows vxds and device drivers by karen hazzah, a fairly
well written book.

   windows 95 system programming secrets by matt pietrek, guess no need
to introduce this one ;-).

   inside the windows 95 file system by stan mitchell, one of the best
but also less known books on win95 internals (not only the file system).
let me state only one thing: i have used the ideas in the book to
develop my own PAGEIN patch... the monitoring tools are worth another essay, i
don't think anything else surpasses multimon in its capabilities right

   the undocumented pc by frank van gilluwe, the best hardware book i
have ever seen, although not entirely up-to-date (e.g. lacks PCI
programming info).

   systems programming for windows 95 by walter oney, another classical
work, better than the hazzah book IMHO. the author is a real veteran in
the PC world, presents much bacground info...

+HCU's students should know how to retrieve the accompanying disks of these books from their web-depots.

I received an alarmed note from The Owl: can you please change the announcement of the files so that ppl won't ask me about the 'books'? ;-) it seems to be a bit misleading and i can't keep explaining that those files are only the accompanying disks but not the books themselves. later, the owl

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