Programming language tutorials and other help files on the Web

__Assembly Tutorials__

Best picks on the Web, courtesy of reverser

Link to the Decompiling main page

Link to the European Programmer's main page (Assembly/C/Pascal & even (gosh!)Visual Basic)

Link to Gavin's guide to assembly language

Direct link to Tore's assembly tutorial which is good for you newbyes and useful for oldbyes as well

The art of Assembly Language, very good if you do not have any book

Link to Programmer's link, the mother of all assembly language tutorials on this planet

Link to a nice Computer language tutorial page... READ the tutorial on Windows programming

Link to a Basic/Assembler page, you'll find some interesting links here

__Protected mode tutorials__

In order to learn how to crack it you must first understand it

Link to Peter's Protected mode page

Link to Peter's Protected mode tutorial (a fine one)

Link to Cameron's Protected mode page (another one)

__C language Tutorials__

Learn C to build your own crack_tools!!

Link to Vinit Carpenter's ( Learn C & C++ today
A LOT of C tutorials zipped and ready to download! And a good bibliography!

Link to Dave's C tutorial

__Source code__ - source code for everything!

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