Omar's list of free page providers.

Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering

Well, feel free to add your observations, send your experiences, correct and interpolate... I want this to be a good list for anybody seeking SPACE on the net... I'll move it very soon inside the anonymity section.
And now enjoy Omar's first attempt to 'rationalize' this subject...

This is a list of all the decent free page providers I was able to find with some serching! If you know of any other (free) providers that are not listed here (which you probably do), please e-mail me! I didn't even bother to list the so called "other goodies", since I believe that if you found Reverser+'s site, you know enough about the Web to not need those stupid on page html builders or any of that crap like FrontPage, Composer and so on. And if you don't know, go search the Web about "html guide*" and LEARN!

Disclaimer stuff: just do whatever you want with this page, copy it, put it anywhere, as long as you keep it intact and complete, and last BUT NOT least, you can only give this away for free; you cannot make any money out of this... making money out of free knowledge: quelle vulgarité!