The total reset protection scheme
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27 April 1998
by Archimede
Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering
slightly edited
by reverser+
An interesting essay for beginners and intermediate crackers and protectors alike
There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in
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I believe this essay quite interesting since it deals with a protection scheme that I didn't find before in any other essay on any of the few "real" cracking sites on the web (that is: the sites that care to teach our fascinating art, the others don't mean anything to me), so I though to give my personal contribution to everyone: knowledge is knowledge's reward! Oh! Sorry, English isn't my natural language and so...excuse me for the mistakes you'll find reading this essay! I hope you'll understand it anyway! 
Reverse engineering
(The total reset protection scheme)
Written by Archimede

 Hello guys, Iím here again with a quite interesting essay about a new protection scheme that prevents itself from being cracked by checking the file integrity and launching a total reset function (API reboot routine) if you change only one byte of the executable!

I want to explain you how to disable this quite good protection and, in the second part,
how to perform the real crack of this target!

Tools required 
WDASM (ver 8.x)
SoftICE (3.x)
Brain (a little)
Luck (itís never too much)

Target's URL/FTP 
You can find it at http://mason.gmu.~rmcclana/

Program History 

I never saw this program before and I don't know nothing about its previous schemes of protection, so I cannot explain you its development.
The program is a good tool to keep up your internet download speed if you surf the web at the same time, without waiting until the end of your navigation session, by maximise bandwidth of trasmission. In many cases, in fact, doing both things simultaneusly, you can see your connect speed fall down to: Ďunacceptableí.
The program also permit you to drop directly the URL location to a clipboard and to schedule the transfer (it can manage the connection and the disconnection as well.)!


Of course, first of all, I observed the program and itís behaviour, but I didnít noticed anything strange and so I started my approach as we usually do in front of an executable with password keylock protection.
When I started SoftICE I breakpointed the occurance of the wrong key I typed and I waited until the debugger pops up.
Then I traced through the code but, quite soon, I understood that I would never find out a simple TEST EAX,EAX check routine and so I decided to examine better the part of  the executable I was in !
Well ! When I pointed out some very  odd CMP instructions I tried to change it with my good old Hexeditor, but starting the modified program I had a strange surprise !
Windownload wakes up,  becomes aware of my change and immediatly closes itself !
But not satisfaied, it shoutsdown the system !!!

Well done mr. McClanahan ! Iíll have to work hard ! And only two days ago I decided to stop smocking !

Quickly searching for an iced beer and for a box of my favourite cigarettes and Iím ready to restart my study from beginning.
Now I tried the Ďdead listing approachí using WDASM and searching, trought the IMPORTED FUNCTION, for one named EXITWINDOW or EXITWINDOWSEX and, as you can see, the disassembler
shows me this interesting snippet of code :

* Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->"You shouldn't try to crack shareware, "
                                        ->"what should I do with you?" 
:0040429A 681C594600                push 0046591C
:0040429F 6A00                            push 00000000
* Reference To: ADVAPI32.InitiateSystemShutdownA, Ord:00ACh
:004042A1 FF15C8F84600            Call dword ptr [0046F8C8]
:004042A7 81C4A8000000            add esp, 000000A8
:004042AD C3                               ret

:004042AE 6A00                           push 00000000
:004042B0 6A0D                           push 0000000D
* Reference To: USER32.ExitWindowsEx, Ord:00CBh                                 |
:004042B2 FF1504FF4600            Call dword ptr [0046FF04]

:004042B8 81C4A8000000            add esp, 000000A8
:004042BE C3                               ret
We can, of course, nopping the entire call but the next instruction that adjusts the stack causes an error of page fault, and so I prefer to change the CMP/JNE istruction you can find at :00404236
(see the reference).

:00404231 837C242402              cmp dword ptr [esp + 24], 00000002
:00404236 7576                         jne 004042AE

like that :

:00404231 C644242402              mov dword ptr [esp + 24], 02
:00404235 90                             nop
:00404236 90                             nop

About the INITIATESYSTEMSHUTDOWNA we can do the same thing but I breakpointed it, and, I donít know why, the program never arrives to execute this call ! Strange but true !
We done a good step ahead so get on with it !
Launch the program and have a look at what happens...
Windownload starts and the check routine immediatly close it !
But, finally, it doesnít reset the computer !

Launch the program again but this time through SoftICE, after breakpointing the call to the API functions named POSTQUITMESSAGE and POSTMESSAGEA.
Everytime you jump into the ICE check with F4 if the programís window is on the screen or not and it will be easy to find out the guilty call !

Here it is :

* Reference To: USER32.PostMessageA, Ord:01B1h   
:00403DCC FF1508FF4600            Call dword ptr [0046FF08]
:00403DD2 56                      push esi
:00403DD3 E8BEBB0200              call 0042F996
:00403DD8 83C404                  add esp, 00000004
:00403DDB EB8B                    jmp 00403D68

Nopping the call is enough to obtain a normal and full functional program, that now is, more or less, like any other password protected shareware, and you can work inside it without the loss of time the reboot routine gives you.

I reckon this is the most interesting part of my essay and I believe that even a newbie could now crack this target successfully! Anyway, for a little bit of glory and for those who have a lazy brain Iím going to explain the complete reverse engineering of this program! Naturally you can jump over this second part and try to do it yourself!

I donít want to bore you explaining all attempts Iíve made before finding the right way, but you can probably immagine how many they were ! So Iíll explain to you only my last, winning, effort !

If you run a register monitor utility like REGMONEX before launching the program, you can obtain a lot of information about it, but the most interesting one is the underlined below :

Windownl   OpenKey              HKCU\Software\WinDownload hKey:         0xC2B94B98          SUCCESS
Windownl   CloseKey              HKCU\Software\WinDownload                                                 SUCCESS
Windownl   QueryValueEx       0xC2B94B98\Password                                                        NOTFOUND
Windownl   CloseKey              0xC2B94B98                                                                            SUCCESS
Itís easy to understand what that means? Isnít it ?

The program looks for a string stored in your register which is, obviously, the password. Knowing that, we can easly hang the execution of the program just before the check routine, by setting a breakpoint each REGQUERYVALUEEX call and watching when the call is refered to the string mentioned above!

To understand this you have to know how the call at this API function works :
Look at this snippet of code taken from the file WINDOWNLOAD.EXE :

:004498B9 50                      push eax                               ;  the parameters
:004498BA 57                      push edi                               ;  passed to the call
:004498BB 51                      push ecx                              ;  by the stack
:004498BC 57                      push edi
:004498BD FF7510                  push [ebp+10]                  ;  look at this value
:004498C0 56                      push esi
* Reference To: ADVAPI32.RegQueryValueExA, Ord:0136h
:004498C1 FF15C0F84600            Call dword ptr [0046F8C0]
:004498C7 8BD8                    mov ebx, eax
:004498C9 85DB                    test ebx, ebx
:004498CB 752B                    jne 004498F8
The last value but one pushed into the stack is an indirect address where you can find the string that the query are looking for, and, in particulary, we must pay attention to it !

Well, all right ? Letís open an iced beer and...go on in the right order !

The first thing to do is to open the REGEDIT.EXE and to create a subkey called ĎPASSWORDí into the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Windownload exactly where the program espects to find it, if not, the application will jump over the heart of the code where the checking routine is executed, and we will not be able to examine it ! And, logically, you must stuff it with a string you prefer, as well !

Next step is to run your SoftICE and breakpoint the REGQUERYVALUEEXA ( to do this remember to include in your WINICE.DAT  the following string : EXP=C:\Windows\System\Advapi.dll ) and every time ICE stops, simply press F-12 to return from the call.

Just after ...25 or 30 times (patience is a great quality for a cracker), when your ashtray is full of cigarettes, you finally find out what youíre looking for exactly in the same snippet of code I used as my example before :

:004498BD FF7510                  push [ebp+10]                  ;  look at this value
:004498C0 56                          push esi
* Reference To: ADVAPI32.RegQueryValueExA, Ord:0136h
:004498C1 FF15C0F84600            Call dword ptr [0046F8C0]

Really, youíll land here two or three times, but you have to check where the address stored in [ebp+10] point to, (use the Dump command), because only when you find the occurance of string ĎPASSWORDí you are at the end of your effort !
Soon after you can see another call like the previous one because the program, before, tests if the subkey is present and only if it is the next one gets the value stored in.

Címon guys ! We are on the right way !

After a few STEP (F-10) we arrive more or less here :

:00403923 E878FAFFFF              call 004033A0
:00403928 8B00                    mov eax, dword ptr [eax]
:0040392A 8B4DDC                  mov ecx, dword ptr [ebp-24]
:0040392D C645FC04                mov [ebp-04], 04
:00403931 8B40F8                  mov eax, dword ptr [eax-08]
:00403934 8B11                    mov edx, dword ptr [ecx]
:00403936 C645FC01                mov [ebp-04], 01
:0040393A 2B42F8                  sub eax, dword ptr [edx-08]                         ; Check if your keyís lenght
:0040393D 83F801                  cmp eax, 00000001                                      ; are as the right one
:00403940 1BC0                    sbb eax, eax                                         ! ;         ; 0 = OK letís go on !
:00403942 40                      inc eax            ß 1 = Bye ! Bye !
:00403943 8945D8                  mov dword ptr [ebp-28], eax
:00403946 E80A030000              call 00403C55
:0040394B 837DD800                cmp dword ptr [ebp-28], 00000000
:0040394F 744F                    je 004039A0

We are, now, in front of the first check the program made between your wrong key and itís right one using the length of the string, so if you entered a password with a non correct number of chars you have to modify the flag Z ( r fl z in the command line of  SoftICE) before the JE  instruction at address 0040394F and youíd take note of the instructions just above the jump (this time itís not necessary because Iíve done it for you !) .

After a little thinking about how to change the code in a permanent way I decided to proceed as follows to prevent a possible joke by the program more ahead.

:0040393D 83F801                 cmp eax, 00000001
:00403940 1BC0                     sbb eax, eax
:00403942 40                          inc eax

Change to :

:0040393D B800000000         mov eax, 00000000
:00403942  90                         nop

Letís go on ! (I have my third beer).

If you correctly do the jump and advance a little youíll find yourself here :

:00403A1D E87EF9FFFF              call 004033A0
:00403A22 C645FC08                mov [ebp-04], 08
:00403A26 8B4DDC                  mov ecx, dword ptr [ebp-24]
:00403A29 8B55F0                  mov edx, dword ptr [ebp-10]
:00403A2C 8B19                    mov ebx, dword ptr [ecx]
:00403A2E C645FC01                mov [ebp-04], 01
:00403A32 8A0C13                  mov cl, byte ptr [ebx + edx]                     ; Get one byte of your key
:00403A35 884DEC                  mov byte ptr [ebp-14], cl       ; Store it in a temporary address
:00403A38 8B00                    mov eax, dword ptr [eax]
:00403A3A 8B55F0                  mov edx, dword ptr [ebp-10]
:00403A3D 320C10                  xor cl, byte ptr [eax + edx]                       ; Check it with the right key
:00403A40 884DEC                  mov byte ptr [ebp-14], cl                          ; Store it in a temporary address
:00403A43 E867000000              call 00403AAF
:00403A48 0FBE4DEC                movsx ecx, byte ptr [ebp-14]
:00403A4C 85C9                    test ecx, ecx                                        &nbs! p;       ; Test if the result is 0
:00403A4E 7508                    jne 00403A58         ß if not jump out
:00403A50 FF45F0                  inc [ebp-10]                                         ! ;      ; If yes  increase the pointer and repeat
:00403A53 E94FFFFFFF              jmp 004039A7

 This is the heart of the test routine and you can notice the strange way to compare the single item.

Only if the two chars are the same the XOR instruction give back the 0 result itís waiting for, and so, we have to change it with  XOR [ebx + edx]  in so as now the program compare your password with itself indipendently of whatever it is, and give us the green trafic light !

I wanna underline that you can find the right password of your copy of WINDOWNLOAD, simply searching where the register EAX + EBX are pointing to when you arrive just before the first XOR instruction, but I dontí work for a warez site, and I like to reverse the code to the end and make it completely functional with every password.

Follow me ! Thereís only a few streets to walk !

Now weíll encounter only another two hurdle before winning our match !

Here they are :

The 1st

:00403AEA E8C1810100              call 0041BCB0                               ; Compare the two string
:00403AEF C645FC01                mov [ebp-04], 01
:00403AF3 83C408                  add esp, 00000008
:00403AF6 83F801                  cmp eax, 00000001
:00403AF9 1BC0                    sbb eax, eax
:00403AFB 40                      inc eax
:00403AFC 8945D8                  mov dword ptr [ebp-28], eax               ; Store the result temporarly
:00403AFF E831010000              call 00403C35
:00403B04 837DD800                cmp dword ptr [ebp-28], 00000000        ; Zero ? OK !
:00403B08 744F                    je 00403B59

The 2nd

:0403B8C E81F810100              call 0041BCB0                               ; Compare the two string
:00403B91 83C408                  add esp, 00000008
:00403B94 8B4DE4                  mov ecx, dword ptr [ebp-1C]
:00403B97 C645FC01                mov [ebp-04], 01
:00403B9B 83F801                  cmp eax, 00000001
:00403B9E 194DE4                  sbb dword ptr [ebp-1C], ecx
:00403BA1 F75DE4                  neg [ebp-1C]
:00403BA4 E87C000000              call 00403C25
:00403BA9 837DE400                cmp dword ptr [ebp-1C], 00000000      ; Zero ? BAD !
:00403BAD 741F                    je 00403BCE
:00403BAF C645FC00                mov [ebp-04], 00

In both cases the program uses a little subroutine to compare two strings but if you disassemble the file with WDASM you can observe that, that call is used in many other sides of the program and so we canít modify it or the results it gives back !
The only thing to do is to change the answer of the program in front of a bad result by modifing it after the call, as shown below :

About the first you have to nopping the INC EAX instruction to obtain a zero result !
:00403AFB 40                      inc eax               Change to :        00403AFB  90        nop

About the second itís unnecessary to work around the result, itís enough to change the jump instruction with a (typical nopping) INC EAX, DEC EAX
:00403BAD 741F                    je 00403BCE    Change to :       00403BAD   40    inc eax
                                                                                                   00403BAE   48    dec eax

Final Notes 
Thatís all folk !
I preferred to reverse all the program, even if I found the right password more or less in the middle of my work, so everybody can take advantage of my work also without a SoftICE debugger (nobody should be left out), but only by using a register tool like REGEDIT.EXE and a good text editor.

I hope youíll find my essay interesting and helpful!

Thanks to all who helped me to bring about my little work with their great tutorials and essays, death to all the useless wannabye crackers groups that don't teach anything and only leech material from the good sites


Search :                                                             Change :

C645FC012B42F883F8011BC040                      B80000000090
884DEC8B008B55F0320C10884D                     320C13
C645FC0183C40883F8011BC040                      B80000000090
837DE400741FC645FC00E8AD00                     4048
85C00F8487000000837C2424027576                 C6442424029090
FF1508FF460056E8BEBB0200                          404840484048

Ob Duh 
I wont even bother explaining you that you should BUY this target program if you intend to use it for a longer period than the allowed one. Should you want to STEAL this software instead, you don't need to crack its protection scheme at all: you'll find it on most Warez sites, complete and already regged, farewell.

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