Merry Xmas (or Hanoucca, or whatever) to all my readers!

An interesting 'present' for all my readers
(see below)

I thought and thought and thought, looking at the pale moon in the dusk, rising above the eastern shadows (that's the moment of the day I love the best, it can be so long and silent in the far north), and then I decided to give you once more a snippet of history as Xmas present... we are crackers, after all, and we have a proud long history behind us, that anyone should study and know... why should the old name of Killefitt be forgotten?


A present for my readers: a milestone from the great HISTORY of cracking, the old (1990) stunts by Mindscape (1136513 bytes), cracked by Killefitt from 'Red sector' (DEFJAM) many many years ago.

Disclaimer: This old game has been published on so many 'nostalgia' magazines' CD-covers that is now considered 'abandonedware', so I don't believe that anyone will take offence in this (as you know, I don't publish neither ready made cracks nor warez whatsoever on my site).

If you like this obsolete game and if you would like to keep it on your harddisk after having studied the crack and the protection scheme, ask permission from Mindscape, they will surely accord it to you. I have decided to publish this for educational/historical purposes, what is important here is the reversing approach and solution, not the old game per se. The interest is due to te fact that the ancient crack approach (Killefitt has disappeared long ago from the scene) used to disable the old 'book-reference' dos protection scheme was quite ingenious and has some interest even now.
"Good old mad reverser+ Even his Xmas' presents contribute to educate people!" 
Alison Kinby, 1997

Merry Xmas (or Hanoucca, or whatever) to all my readers!
Reverser+, Xmas 1998

Of course at Xmas there are also 'bad' presents for all naughty boys... therefore...


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