As for the feedback on your up coming site changes, the general
                 consensus with my friends is that it would indeed be a sad day for
                 reverse engineering if you 
                 removed the essays from your site.  As a newcomer (6 months) to this
                 fine art - and like many, many reversers out there - your site was the
                 starting point.  Reverser's was 
                 the womb from which many of us were born, and we certainly will miss
                 browsing through its libraries of essays.  I understand your
                 frustration with the people who don't 
                 appreciate the art form and do it strictly for personal gain or
                 whatever, but the fact remains that this is human nature, and as long
                 as there are humans there will be 
                 plenty of lamers, losers, and idiots among us.  

                 I guess my greatest concern is that you don't do anything that would
                 discourage the beginners.  The one thing we all have in common is that
                 we were all beginners at 
                 one point, and it's imperative that we embrace these fledglings,
                 support them, and show them the way.   I agree with Prophecy in that
                 the tone of your writing on 
                 septem.htm was a bit demoralizing.  People are going to reverse
                 engineer for different reasons.  Some will improve the targets by
                 adding functionality, while others will 
                 simply defeat the protection for whatever reason.  It is a proven fact
                 in our governments that you cannot legislate morality by prohibiting
                 anything.  The right way is to 
                 change people's hearts by teaching them and by sharing knowledge, not
                 by closing them off to information.   

                 Your site is the lighthouse, the rule and guide so many ouse and
                 follow, and while a good house cleaning and update may be in order, it
                 would make the reverse 
                 engineering community extremely sad if you were to close off the part
                 that is important to so many of us.

                 Kind regards,