Hello Reverser+,
Here is my review list of essays published on your site. The first attempt included 62 essays, but when I find some time I'll be updating this html, and sending it to you, please keep it up to date. I made a template thingy for other 'essay reviewers', so we can overview the reviews pretty easy. I havent filled in the 'level' thing yet, cause I don't know which levels there are (adv, beginner, essent. etc). In this format everything is a bit more visible than in the txt-version I sent you some time ago.
Knotty Dread


file:                     Program cracked        Topic:            Level :         +/-    Notes:

aescul6.htm    keyfileprotections   Simply, a very good essay.
altf4cjw.htm Javaworkshop     + Good essay; both cracking and getting a serial out of a java program. Java will be important in the future; read it.
animadei.htm   cd emulator   + ASM listing of a cd emulator. Nice as ASM training. As for the program, obsolete since everyone has a cdwriter.
as65pp1.htm   timelock   - program/version specific. No news things that a good learner can't come up with by hisself.
bandane2.htm   netware debugger   - Not intresting as a cracking essay, but it might be usefull for a netware user.
chown.htm OpenNT 2 Unix Cracking   + learned much. Unix cracking is advanced, and will be important in a few units of time.
crushed1.htm Symantec Visual Cafe Listing Reading   + Very important skill for a Reverse Engineer.
datapi1.htm   dongle   - too simple
datapi2.htm   SI, unlocker   - very basic, bad protection btw.
dphman1.htm WinGroove 0.9 odd call   + Good essay, allways check for odd calls.
flipne2.htm   VB cracking   + VB cracking remains difficult sometimes, even after Razzia's essay.
flippe3.htm Sendmail 2     - Obvious protection, good essay though.
footste.htm Norton Speeddisk Vector BPX   + The time trial isnt intresting, but the part about vector breakpoints is.
footste2.htm '' ''   + Some extra info on the above
frarull1.htm Screenruler 'keyfile'?   + Nice example of +ORCs teachings. (no slime, I mean it)
fraruler.htm Screenruler screenruler   + True reverse engineering... I'd love to be as good in ASM as Frog's Print, if I only got some spare time...
ft4tom.htm   CDROM updates   + Is a good DOS thing, and important if you want to defeat a CDprotection, caused by an update.
heres004.htm   PIQ   - Everyone has a Pentium or better, so it's obsolete
jcrweb1.htm   web protections   +/- Not very usefull, but it might be usefull for the new Web Protections Lab.
jimbob.htm   PDF protections   - Some nice PDF extraction notes on protected files, but the essay is no good.
jonencr.htm   encryption   + Very good, since encrypting is a thing everyone of us will meet some day.
hs3.htm Homesite 3     + A very overprotected program, the stipping of it nicely explained by the author of this piece, using a lot of snippets. Many could be usefull for the Protectionists Corner.
jonne1.htm   encryption   + see jonencr.htm
kenpatch.htm   warez downloading   - When I started reading this essay, I didnt want to continue, since it's not something that should be here. The trick is nice, but I think no one will read it in the near future, most lamers will get their stuff from sites like www.t50.com (where, too, a lot of usefull tools for hacking and cracking can be found, I'm not a hacker, but some tools can be nicely reversed, like Revelation, a tool which shows 'hidden' **** windows passwords, I can't reverse it yet, maybe one of the readers can)
lan003.htm Unix Prgrms 'generic patcher'   - The crack itself is useless, but the question about a 'generic patcher' is intresting.
noose1.htm       - neonsignprotection essay
opr0001M.htm tekfvt95     - Do I feel some simalarities with your 'cracking for dummies' essay?
opr00015.htm       - unnagging etc, not intresting
opr0001G.htm winREXX multiprot prog   - too simple
opr0001K.htm Netscape RE!   + How could I ever throw a Mammons essay away? I cant. This essay is a great example of Reverse Engineering a target.
popja2.htm   vbx   + VB cracking still needs attention, since Razzia (come back!) wrote his VB essay, not enough attention is paid, and protectors are becoming more inventive (can that be?)
opr0001M.htm nsce.exe keygens   + Though I know you dont like keygens, this essay is very good. It tells us how to feel code, and how a program makes codes.
quine1.htm     advanced + Nothing has to be said about this one....
quine_21.htm     advanced + ''
ragical1.htm       + PDF cracking, nice essay
rcgcd.htm   cdrom   + It's a bit obsolete, with all of our cdrs, but still learnfull.
rcglotus.htm Lotus SmartSuite     - RCG does have a point in damaging M$, but the essay isnt much.
riddcd1.htm warlords 3 cdrom   + Again a good update cdrom protection essay
riddcd2.htm mechwarriors ''   + ''
rundus2.htm Review reg sniffing   - Not informative for the bit advanced under us.
rundus4.htm Arjshell disabled function   - Sorry Rundus, too simplified
shadow1.htm Boundschecker c++ keygen   - nothing real revolutionary is introduced.
siulin1.htm   Linux cracking   + I havent had the need to read the whole essay to say that's this is very good, Unix is unexplored ground.... 
snatch smartcheck     + a good explanation about cracking smartcheck, a usefull tool as you already mentioned
sourcer7.htm Sourcer 7 doscracking   + I didnt knew much about doscracking, very intresting. Maybe, you could make a dos corner in the RE/protection cracking lab...
sth1.htm   VB cracking   + a good addition to the Razzia VB essay
syncche.htm Hyperchem time/key   + I don't know whether I should keep this, or should delete it... The things told in the essay arent so special, but the essay is crisp, and the intro is also very good.. Let's keep it...
twdms98.htm Frontpage 98 M$   + You won't like to discard a anti-M$ essay would you?
twdrcg.htm +RCGs crackme nag/s#   - I haven't read the essay by RCG, or seen the 'crackme' where this essay is talking about but the cracks explained could be done by my little sister...
twdwdas.htm wdasm 8.7 textsaving funct   + nice protection, nicely cracked
underje.htm protexe protectionists   + dos cracking, explanation that protectionist are not so smart, good essay... 
undtron.htm Tron disabled functs   + dos cracking, I love it though I'm not good in it. I'm learing much with all these dos related essays... The essay itself isnt worldshocking, but the int21/4c00 thing is new for me, and will be for most non-dos Reversers. 
vizion1.htm some vbthingy VB5   - First, your remark at the start should be thought of by every serious Reverser, otherwise read Razzia's essay (I really find it a shame he's not in the scene anymore)
x86_1.htm Xing/rsagn32.dll dll cracking   + The protection itself isn't that difficult and can be cracked mny ways, so this essay is one of those 'I did this, good huh' essys nice crack, though
x86dd2.htm realplayer adding functs   + good essay, better together with:
x86new1.htm '' ''   +  
yoshinet.htm Netscape java/netscape   + nice essay
zeeida1.htm Directcd ida   + a good 'moving to IDA' essay, I learned IDA myself using this essay.
zeropdf.htm   PDF   + good analysys zero_rcg.htm rcg #4 crackme + good essay, good protection. 
zeepdf.htm pdfwriter Installshield cracking   + nice way to crack a installshield prog, but maybe it is made obsolete by another installshield essay, lost track of the name... 
mks.htm Mks Toolkit de-nagging   + bb uses a true Reversers entry point here. Let the exe that nags you do the dirty job, and so you won't have to patch all 150 files...
bbnag1.htm   de-nagging Intermediate + Again using the routine that was build to nag you, to our pleasure. Good essay.
cynapp1.htm       - A good example of the dumbness of programmers, but no cracker will learn somehting of this. They already know.
crunchi?.htm   crunching programmer + This is a complete series of essays about crunching. though not very intresting for a cracker, a programmer would love it. Good written essays.
gtbankil.txt   web banner killer   + A piece of htmling by +gthorne, a page which eats the programmed banners such as Tripod's.
hut*.htm   assembling programmer + The papers made by SLH are as reverser+ told us going to be the DEFINITIVE HCU MANUAL INTRODUCING WINDOWS (DIS)ASSEMBLING. I can't argue with him on that. These are masterpieces.
iebug2.htm M$IE html cracking Intermediate + The essay tells us what we know: the badness of M$IE. A very good piece, onces you've read it very easy, but before that; you're blind.
malamirc.htm mIRC 5.* Keygens Intermediate + +Malattia explains clearly how one can build a keygenerator for a program. Not the subject reverser+ likes most, but very intresting.
monitor.htm Monitor/RA 1.8 Keyfiles beginner - Keyfiles are good protection for stopping not so advanced crackers. This essay is good example of such a protection, though the author of the program didn't make the file complex... btw greetz to MisterE
mmstory.htm   M$/anonimity   + A good example of M$s hidden activities. Who's claiming that he's anomimous?
neto_01.htm Dreadweaver timelock beginner - the essay is well written, but I prefer essays which describe protections using multiple examples...
neto_03.htm HTMLpad nag+S# beginner + The essay descibes well how a not-so-advanced cracker can crack a program that's got some not-so-advanced protections.
ozyma1.htm Opera 3.21 S# beginner + Opera is a great browser, and a nice cracktest for beginners. The essay is well written, and describes very well the thinking of someone who wants to crack it, instead of a 'I cracked this, good huh?' essay. Reverser+, please keep us informed about this Opera protecting stuff...

I think I've had a very good part of the good essays in the library because I havent discarded many.The main problem is, that I havent got a perfect view about the total. I think you should make a selection of selected essays (the +'es) of everyone that read a part of the lib, and then make a selection of files using keywords I gave you, and others hopefully will. keygenerators, by example (just mentioning something ) then get someone read all those essays about this subject, and then select the usefull ones. I'd be happy to cooperate with this, ofcourse.
I hope you are glad with my work, anyway I've learned some new things, and having another meg of essays for my personal library.

Cool Runnings!

    Knotty Dread - The Rasta Reverser