hello reverser,

                 just read the plan to change your site. Sounds interesting after all.
                 The problem with all the "how i cracked xyz: take softice, bpx here,
                 patch there, done"-essays is that the THINKING behind the patch,
                 the how-did-he-get-there is seldomly explained in full detail. 
                 When i (just a mere hobby-cracker) cracked some of the progs 
                 found in the essays (and others :) i took a whole different direction 
                 before i landed in the parts that were described in the essays. 
                 And after some readings i had my faves from which i awaited eagerly 
                 new essays to study the elegance of their cracks - to improve my own
                 analystic abilities and/or to see if their ways were more 
                 intelligent than mine. 
                 But after some time one's hunger is stilled. Something else has to
                 be the challenge. And that were the Reality-Crackings. Huh, there
                 was so much knowledge. Some old, some new, but definitively in the
                 right place, because - as you already said - your page is about
                 REVERSING. From the corner where i come from this is called 
                 stalking. Another word - same attitude. It's true: there are only
                 a few sites that deal with reversing in general as your site does.
                 That's why i and a lot of other surfer really like it!
                 And your idea to break down your site in smaller labs will give it a 
                 fresh look, i bet.
                 From what i see you plan, the second scenario is the one i - IMHO - 
                 think is the best. Let quality and the content reign over the form. 
                 Who cares if some protection comes from Adobe or Micro$oft? It's the 
                 mechanism itself that's interests and not much else. 
                 I just hope that my essays will still have a place in your 
                 new order :)