An encryption challenge


Dear readers, it's a pleasure to present you this interesting 'challenge' that has been developed by Jeremy Likness. I know that many among my readers have been fascinated by the (relatively simple) challenges presented by my javascript and Stego pages, and I therefore believe that this much 'tougher' challenge will be accepted with Joy.

I will give some coveted strategical games to all (valuable) contributors! Awaiting your input!


The B.E.S.T. Challenge

Bitstream Expert Statistical Translation is a new encryption algorithm developed by Jeremy Likness. I have done extensive research on existing algorithms and have failed to find one that uses a similar transformation to the one implemented in this method. I am not a rich entrepreneur, nor am I a recent M.I.T. graduate with thousands of connections in the high-technology industry. Therefore, I need your assistance with testing and implementing this new encryption scheme.

All Iím asking is for someone to take up the challenge of attempting to crack this code. I canít offer a million dollars, nor a BMW, nor a dream cruise, but I can offer the satisfaction of having contributed to the development of what I believe will be a ground-breaking technology. I donít think that this code can be easily cracked. I doubt that it can be broken at all. But, before I go spending thousands of dollars on patenting the method or run around screaming "Eureka!" Iíd like to put it to the ultimate test. If anyone in this world can break this code, it is the Internet community. Maybe the best brains refuse to waste their energy on such a simple effort (with no money at the end!) but I am hoping some will at least try.

This challenge will take three distinct phases:


Phase I

Phase I is on this page, right now. Below you will see a list of files. In the left column are four text files. In the right column are five encrypted files. The first four encrypted files correspond to their respective text files. All files were encrypted using this algorithm and the exact same key. The challenge is, based on this meager information, to decode the fifth file.

Phase II

If no one is able to decode the fifth file during Phase I, then I will post the exact key on this page. Now, knowing the text, the key, and the output, can you determine the algorithm? If you can, then it is a simple method to apply the key to the fifth file and decode it. I think that this will be must easier said than done!

Phase III

If my method still holds up to the first two phases, the final phase will ensue. I will be convinced that there is some merit in this routine, and attempt to protect it (copyright? Patent? Not sure). Once I take those steps to protect it, I will post the algorithm and a sixth encrypted file. Now the challenge will be to decipher this sixth file knowing the algorithm but not the key. This is the last and final challenge.


If you have any suggestions, hints, criticism, or complaints, please direct them to my e-mail address below. I am completely new to this game and would appreciate any assistance regarding how to pursue testing and, if the testing holds up, marketing this routine. I do not have the time nor energy to market this algorithm myself, but if it proves to be as revolutionary and effective as I am hoping, then I certainly am open to negotiating its release.

Thank you, and good luck!

Jeremy Likness

text1.txt text1.enc
text2.txt text2.enc
text3.txt text3.enc
text4.txt text4.enc
text5.txt text5.enc