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Updated: July 1999

erl_jav0.htm by my dogg Erl, July 1999
Beagle's guide to Java: digging in. "A hike through the garden of Java"

erl_jav1.htm by my dogg Erl and rainbow, July 1999
Beagle's guide to Java: the Links, page 1, "after anger hung red moon"

erl_jav2.htm by my dogg Erl et alii, denizens of the message board, July 1999
Beagle's guide to Java. the Links, page 2, "call for phillip morris!"

erl_jav3.htm by my dogg Erl and -Boojum, July 1999
Beagle's guide to Java: Ask the Library Cat. "How does the Library Cat find things, again?"

An introduction, by reverser+, July 1999

Lately, many of our more industrious and investigative interpreters have taken it upon themeselves to supply reverser's site with documents which purport to explain and/or illuminate the origin of a project which we believed to be a wholly unique reversing endeavour: namely, the production of the pages which you now casually finger.
Yet, to our horror, we discover that (alas) this section apparently has had some predecessors, a sobering fact to which the brief but informative squibs arranged above attest.
In light of this new discovery, the editors gently wish to make it known that they claim no 'squatter's rights' regarding this pre-ordained intellectual territory, but are interested only in the free dissemination of this kind of knowledge.
Welcome to the new java section of mys ite, dear reders, scouting into java will be assured by my dogg Earl, maybe the only person I know of that can describe in writings an altavista search.
Well, here yuou are: follow the links above: An endless fund of amusement scheduled to suit the appetites of both young & old. It is certain that the perspicacious reader will discern in the above pages a level of quality heretofore unsampled...

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