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be connected to the Internet via proxy servers using Nestscape Communicator browser
by leFaF
25 November 1998
Nice present for frequent browsers... Read, understand, use, enjoy!
I'm ready to develop it. Just say so... So :-)

Dear reverser+,

Following is a contribution to the anonimity lab and also a reaction to your automnal feelings. It is a "premier jet" written in a short time. If you think it is worth, I'm ready to develop it. Just say so. Kind regards, leFaF

The power within this script is to let you be connected to the Internet via proxy servers using Nestscape Communicator browser.
1) To be effective the file below, viaprox.pac must be copied somewhere on your hardisk.
2) Open on the menu: Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Proxies/Automatic proxy configuration/Configuration location (URL)
3) Copy there the location of the file i.e. file:///C|/WINDOWS/Desktop/Proxy/viaprox.pac (or where ever you like to store it)
As you will notice, there are no proxy addresses included in the file. I believe proxy are like partner, we do not like to share them...

But for the sake of sharing here are a few interesting proxies:
recherche: +proxy +pac; +proxy +8081, +proxy +3128
resultats: 8080 8080
----The creation of viaprox.pac----
Copy, paste and save the lines below as viaprox.pac
 * viaprox.pac
 * A 1,001's Proxys Configuration
 * Implemented to soften reverser+'s automnal spleen :=)
 * on 13/11/98 by leFaF _allrights dipersed_
 * From infos -mostly- gathered at:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host){
// If you want to bypass proxy for a specific URL, change the zeros

    if (isInNet(host, "", "")){
                                       return "DIRECT"; 
// Same as above. You'll have to key in the DNS

    if (dnsResolve(host) == "")            {
                                       return "DIRECT";
// What proxies are used for www/gopher/ftp. Remark, 
// the string can contain any number of proxy as long 
// as they are separated by a semicolon.
// If there are multiple semicolon-separated settings, 
// the left-most setting will be used, until the 
// Navigator/Communicator fails to establish the
// connection to the proxy. In that case the next value 
// will be used, that is the DIRECT connection.

    if (url.substring(0, 5) == "http:")   {
  return "PROXY; proxy.two:8080; proxy.three:8081; 
    if (url.substring(0, 7) == "gopher:") {
  return "PROXY; proxy.two:8080; proxy.three:8081; DIRECT";
    if (url.substring(0, 4) == "ftp:")    {
  return "PROXY; proxy.two:8080; proxy.three:8081; DIRECT";
// If no proxy available -! ! no stealth anymore and use the direct connection!

    return "DIRECT";


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