How to register HexWorkshop v2.52 (32bit)
(Missing file reconstruction)

by Heres

(17 August 1997, slightly edited by Reverser)

Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering

Well, this essay is published with great delay because Heres sent it to me only on 14 August 1997, it is another approach to Hexworkshop reverse engineering, worth reading

How to register HexWorkshop v2.52 (32bit) - by Heres - [You should use Courier New 8 in order to view and print correctly this essay]
This is a different dead listing approach, based on search of registration filename. As you can see, in the target's directory, there is a file HEXWORKS.REG (0 bytes), so go to search the string... * Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->"HEXWORKS.REG" ; Good... | :0043B10C BAC05B4800 mov edx, 00485BC0 :0043B111 83E103 and ecx, 00000003 :0043B114 F3 repz :0043B115 A4 movsb :0043B116 8D7C240C lea edi, [esp + 0C] :0043B11A B9FFFFFFFF mov ecx, FFFFFFFF :0043B11F 2BC0 sub eax, eax :0043B121 F2 repnz :0043B122 AE scasb :0043B123 4F dec edi :0043B124 8B02 mov eax, [edx] :0043B126 8B4A04 mov ecx, [edx+04] :0043B129 8B5A08 mov ebx, [edx+08] :0043B12C 6A00 push 00000000 :0043B12E 8907 mov [edi], eax :0043B130 8A420C mov al , [edx+0C] :0043B133 894F04 mov [edi+04], ecx :0043B136 8D4C2410 lea ecx, [esp + 10] :0043B13A 895F08 mov [edi+08], ebx :0043B13D 51 push ecx :0043B13E 88470C mov [edi+0C], al * Reference To: KERNEL32._lopen, Ord:0262h ; Go to open... | :0043B141 FF15C85A4900 Call dword ptr [00495AC8] :0043B147 83F8FF cmp eax, FFFFFFFF :0043B14A 8BF0 mov esi, eax :0043B14C 0F84D7000000 je 0043B229 :0043B152 8B9C2418010000 mov ebx, [esp + 00000118] :0043B159 68D2000000 push 000000D2 ; At least 210 bytes :0043B15E 53 push ebx ; to read from file :0043B15F 56 push esi * Reference To: KERNEL32._lread, Ord:0263h ; Go to read... | :0043B160 FF15CC5A4900 Call dword ptr [00495ACC] :0043B166 8BF8 mov edi, eax :0043B168 56 push esi * Reference To: KERNEL32._lclose, Ord:025Fh ; Close now... | :0043B169 FF15D05A4900 Call dword ptr [00495AD0] :0043B16F 81FFD2000000 cmp edi, 000000D2 ; really 210 bytes ? :0043B175 752A jne 0043B1A1 :0043B177 81ECD4000000 sub esp, 000000D4 :0043B17D 8BF3 mov esi, ebx :0043B17F 8BFC mov edi, esp :0043B181 B934000000 mov ecx, 00000034 :0043B186 F3 repz :0043B187 A5 movsd :0043B188 66A5 movsw :0043B18A E861020000 call 0043B3F0 ; Check Routine :0043B18F 81C4D4000000 add esp, 000000D4 :0043B195 3B83CE000000 cmp eax, [ebx+000000CE] ; Oh,Oh... The Key! :0043B19B 0F8418010000 je 0043B2B9 ; Jump if Registered * Referenced by a Jump at Address:0043B175(C) | :0043B1A1 66C7030000 mov word ptr [ebx], 0000 :0043B1A6 BFD05B4800 mov edi, 00485BD0 :0043B1AB B9FFFFFFFF mov ecx, FFFFFFFF :0043B1B0 2BC0 sub eax, eax :0043B1B2 F2 repnz :0043B1B3 AE scasb :0043B1B4 F7D1 not ecx :0043B1B6 2BF9 sub edi, ecx :0043B1B8 8BC1 mov eax, ecx :0043B1BA C1E902 shr ecx, 02 :0043B1BD 8BF7 mov esi, edi :0043B1BF 8D7B02 lea edi, [ebx+02] :0043B1C2 F3 repz :0043B1C3 A5 movsd :0043B1C4 8BC8 mov ecx, eax :0043B1C6 83E103 and ecx, 00000003 :0043B1C9 F3 repz :0043B1CA A4 movsb * Possible StringData Ref from Data Obj ->"Unregistered" ; +ORC's SearchString | :0043B1CB BFD45B4800 mov edi, 00485BD4 THE CRACK Ok... Now try to create a file of at least 210 bytes, called HEXWORKS.REG, in the target directory. My one, below, is particular (completed after 3 attempts, launching the program byte-cracked in the first way), but only the length is important for now... xx0000000000 Heres xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx With 0Dh,0Ah at the end of each line (yes, I wrote it with a simple editor). Now we have two ways to crack this program... 1. Making a byte crack First make a backup of HWORKS32.EXE (es. HWORKS32.ORI) OFFSET: -OLD- 0003A59B 0F8418010000 je 0043B2B9 ; Jump if Registered OFFSET: -NEW- 0003A59B E919010000 jmp 0043B2B9 ; Jump however 0003A5A0 90 nop ; :-o 2. Finding the key using Softice 2.0+ Load the target (Softice Loader) and set bpx cs:43B195 then strike (F5)... Ok you are at the key point: :0043B195 3B83CE000000 cmp eax, [ebx+000000CE] ; Oh,Oh... The Key! Mmmm... Interesting... The value of EAX should be stored in reverse order at the end of your HEXWORKS.REG. So I modified my regfile using the first-way cracked program :-), and changed the 4 bytes at the end from: 78h, 78h, 0Dh, 0Ah to: 36h, E8h, 0Fh, C8h Finally I restored HWORKS32.EXE using the previous backup file: HWORKS32.ORI Ok... A speed crack... If you have more time, you can analyze the Check Routine and you'll easily be able to prepare a keymaker for this program. Note: Sorry for my English, I am an Italian cracker, and I learned with the superb +ORC tutorial... Heres, June 3th 1997
(c) Heres 1997. All rights reserved
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