How to install Soft-Ice 3.01 Win95 (trial version)
(useful info)

by Heres

(19 August 1997, slightly edited by Reverser)

Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering

Well, I think that many will thank Heres for this simple synthesis, or integration, of everything we have learnt so far about the installation of Winice trial version

Soft-Ice 3.01 Win95 (14 days trial version)


[You should use Courier New 10 in order to view and print correctly this essay] 1. Check your WIN95 registry MyPc\HkeyLocalMachine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Help OleGUIDHigh Date Value1 OleGUIDLow Date Value2 If they are present, delete them... 2. Installation Launch the installation file si301w95.exe and reboot when finished. See the default WINICE.DAT, but don't touch the necessay setting: ;Eval expiration date - DO NOT REMOVE! DATE=XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX 3. Crack session 3a. The Debugger FileName: WINICE.EXE (795178 bytes) [Offset] 69CB2: 0F 82 --> EB 1B [Offset] 69CD4: 2B 45 E4 --> 48 40 90 3b. The Loader FileName: NMTRANS.DLL (572416 bytes) [Offset] E21B: 72 --> EB [Offset] E235: 2B C2 --> 48 40 3c. The Nag Screen FileName: LOADER32.EXE (462368 bytes) [Offset] 3969B: E8 38 A1 FE FF --> 48 40 48 40 90 4. Setting WINICE.DAT for crack (an example) - PHYSMB=Your physical memory expressed in MB - TRA=92 (recommended) - INIT="CODE ON; LINES 50; WR 3; WL 2; WW 2; WD 8; WC 24; WATCH ES:EDI; WATCH DS:ESI; X;" - EXP=c:\windows\system\kernel32.dll - EXP=c:\windows\system\user32.dll - EXP=c:\windows\system\gdi32.dll Note: I collected this information reading the great essays made by: Master +ORC Frog's Print +Rcg The Undertaker ED!SON >>>>>>>>> Thanks friends !
Heres, August 18th 1997
(c) Heres 1997. All rights reserved
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