Hi Reverser+!

                 I've recently read the comments and opinions on your plans to radically
                 change your site. Most of them welcome the idea of changing, but want
                 to keep the essays or at least parts of them.
                 Well, what to say about it? I think they don't really want you to
                 change radically.
                 I've seen you putting up your site part by part. It changed from a
                 somehow 'secret place' that few really understood to a kind of 'public
                 property' where the masses meet. The masses don't like changes. Changes
                 are evil. They provoke disturbances of the masses' feelings of saftey
                 and security. But don't be a slave of your mass audience. If you do, no
                 change will ever be done.
                 You did a damned good job running your site as it is today and I deeply
                 believe you will do an even better job running the 'changed' site.

                 There's really need for progress. We need to advance and drop the
                 beginners' dreams. For the beginners there will be another Reverser+ in
                 another time and with another place :-)

                 Change what needs to be changed and abandon what need to be abandoned!
                 Let's advance to a higher level. Let us feel the proudness again we all
                 felt when we earned new knowledge in the times when we were beginners.
                 Let us be beginners again!

                 Ave atque vale,
                 the ancient - Goth-