by +Aesculapius and other older ones :-)
Courtesy of reverser's pages of reverse engineering

This is a RESERVED ENTRANCE for those that have passed the +HCU 1998 strainer. The first lesson by +Aesculapius has been published on the "other side" on 20 July 1999. The second lesson by +Aesculapius has been published on the "other side" on 07 September 1999. There's no way you can land there short of knowing the name of the page where the lesson has been published. My function grasppasswd() will just equate the password you will now enter (you have received it either from me, or from +Greythorne or from +Aesculapius if you are an +HCUker) into the URL you'll be connected with... if you for instance type bilibin you'll land inside bilibin.htm, which is a nice page, but it has -alas!- nothing to do with the 1999 lessons by +Aesculapius :-)

Just click on the gif to get the password entry form...
HCU'99 entrance
NOTE: the redirection will work only on my main new fortress for security backtracing reasons. It will NOT work on any mirror.
All +HCUkers that have not yet received their passwords should contact (or re-contact) either +Greythorne or +Aesculapius or myself asap

[First letter 20 July 1999] [Second letter 07 September 1999]

Here follows the beginning of +Aesculapius' letter, where +students will find the first lesson (20 July 1999)...
+HCU Courses 1999: Lesson 1
 Win32 Debugging Functions
	Dear +HCUckers, I'm glad to be back. The +HCU courses for this year 
should be based in full, unconditional cooperation from those who have 
proudly weared the '+' symbol before their names to those who recently 
acquired it and also to those who will, in a near future. The +HCU is now
a grown up university, we have fully mature crackers capable of developing,
investigate and teach new techniques in the field of software reversing. 
I don't pretend to play the main role in this teaching process, just help a bit
in the organization of new challenging assignments with precise objectives
designed to enhance our common knowledge in the reversing field.

	This is my proposal for the 1999 courses...

Here follows +Aesculapius' letter, with the second lesson (07 September 1999)...
Dear Reverser+, here you have lesson number 2, for the HCUckers only.

In regard to the attacks towards the Y2K Strainer, it is obviously a
maneuver that attempts to destroy the +HCU and not a real complain about
the quality of the Strainer, which I'm sure is leveled enough to pursue
the goal of an appropiate selection of the new HCUckers.

Best Regards

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