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The Fundamental Essays

(Required reading for any HCU member)

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bulletr.gif The fundamental essays bulletr.gif ESSAYS 001-100 page (2 Mar 1997 - 4 Sep 1997)
bulletr.gif The required reading for newbies essays bulletr.gif ESSAYS 100-200 page (4 Sep 1997 - 28 Dec 1997)
bulletr.gif The beginner essays bulletr.gif ESSAYS 200-300 page (28 Dec 1997 - 10 Jun 1998)
bulletr.gif The intermediate essays  bulletr.gif ESSAYS 300-400 page (10 Jun 1998 - to today)
bulletr.gif The advanced essays 
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Project 0: Wdasm reversing Project 1: Hexeditors & co Project 2: Softice & Numega's
Project 3: Dongles cracking Project 4: CD-Rom faking Project 5: Netscape ameliorating
Project 6: Crippled targets Project 7: Most stupid schemes Project 8: VisualBasic cracking
Project 9: Micro$oft bashing

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