Hi Reverser+,

                 How are you?
                 Fine I assume, according to what I just read in your September "radical
                 A new +HCU is a smart idea. I haven't heard -yet- about +others'
                 opinions, but I am quite sure that they will all realized how 
		 necessary it is to bring up some new interesting thoughts and 
                 questions about that and will follow you. 
                 I will and I am ready for it ;-)
                 Enclosed is my HTML 'public opinion'.
                 Let me know if you need some help!

My very first contribution to the +HCU (a stupid essay about W32dasm7) was on March 19, 1997.
At this time there were only 5 essays published .
Now, 1 year and 1/2 later, I am totally unable to say how many essays have been published and I don't even think I read half of them :-( It grew big, it grew fast...too fast in my opinion.
Despite the fact that I may not agree with some of Reverser+'s philosophical thoughts about our +selfish approach and our beloved -programmers bankruptcy, I have to say one thing:
I think the +HCU has reached a point where there's no real way to make it more interesting or even to improve it. We'll all soon get fed up while browsing through these megabytes of essays hopefully trying to find something new, unusual. How could it last this way?
Let's forget about that Beta version of the +HCU (at which +we contributed passionately), time has come to release a brand new bugless Final version.
Reverser+ already made some suggestions (few small labs) but at this point I think it would be too early (and not really smart IMHO) to criticize them right now (nevermind, good and new ideas are always rejected first ;-).
Don't forget as well, that only our -good- contributions could help this new vintage +HCU to be even more interesting than ever.
Frog's Print 8/9/98
PS: Plz, don't throw away all those essays: may be a repository somewhere else would be nice!