reverser's famous little gifs
Well, I presume that if you followed all the links until here you are REALLY interested in my site... therefore you deserve a complete list of all my gifs: here they are! (all gifs are 114*43 pixels)

advanced.htm Shows 'deep concentration' necessary for zen cracking "If you drive alone you drive with Hitler", USA 1940
snippets.htm Shows relative unimportance and 'roughness' of snippets Canon's printing press, 1990
students.htm Real +Crackers have it, one of the first gifs My own, 1996
tools.htm Official HCU tool... shows protections as wild animals From "Tarzan and the slavegirl", South America 1960
project7.htm "Most stupid protection" award, ridiculizes protectionists My own, 1997
protecti.htm "Our protections", I don't like it much and I will change it My own, 1997
tools.htm generic for all tool pages, self-ironic :-) One of Gil Evgren's most famous pinups, 1945
ideale.htm Crackers against smut, shows women disgust for smut sites Peter Driben, Inside Detective 1940
solution.htm +HCU strainer 1998, underlines the importance of 'feeling' code My own, 1997
noanon.htm Reverser's Anonymity Academy, the one I like most Unknown, Detective stories 1943

I know: there are more... I'll add them when I'll feel like it.
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reverser, December 1997