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Updated in September 1999

The flexlm challenge and cooperative reversers' work

by reverser+, September 1999

I have decided to publish here an example of a "team work" (sort of) that has been taking place last week on my meassageboard between some reversers that are -rightly- seen as the mightiest FlexLM-reversing experts on this planet.


This important project was started in 1999. Part of the following essays are considered HISTORY of the cracking scene. (Take note: I have not yet gathered all FlexLM essays in here, I intend to do it asap)

PHASE 1 by Nolan Blender:

Reversing the report encryption algorithm for the flexlm license manager, 24 September 1999

(Explains the encryption algorithm used by vendor daemons for reporting)
This document describes the reversing of the FlexLM reporting algorithm on the HP platform. Mostly this was done as an exercise in reverse engineering, and to determine exactly how the encryption of the reporting logfiles was done in Flexlm.
PHASE 2 by Dan:

lexlm v6.1 new feature lc_new_job(), 26 September 1999

There are quite a few essays written on flexlm. These essays should be read before reading this one. This essay might help you if you are trying to get encryption seeds for a target that uses flex v6.1 and you can't get them using the methods in previous essays. That was where I was before doing the things in this essay. If I would have read this essay back then, it would have helped me. I have tried to show not only what I found, but how I found it. The how is maybe less relavent to this subject. The how is nothing special - these are common techniques. You probably could have found this stuff out on your own without having to know my methods. But maybe you will find some technique I used helpful for your cracking in general. I just tried to write something that I would have enjoyed reading.


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