Beagle's guide to Java: Ask the Library Cat.
How does the Library Cat find things, again?
Java Lab
13 July 1999
by my dogg Erl and -Boojum
Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering
Lately, many of our more industrious and investigative interpreters have taken it upon themeselves to supply reverser's site with documents which purport to explain and/or illuminate the origin of a project which we believed to be a wholly unique reversing endeavour: namely, the production of the pages which you now casually finger. Yet, to our horror, we discover that (alas) this section apparently has had some predecessors, a sobering fact to which the brief but informative squibs arranged above attest. In light of this new discovery, the editors gently wish to make it known that they claim no 'squatter's rights' regarding this pre-ordained intellectual territory, but are interested only in the free dissemination of this kind of knowledge. Welcome to the new java section of mys ite, dear reders, scouting into java will be assured by my dogg Earl, maybe the only person I know of that can describe in writings an altavista search.
There is a drop, a bookdrop in every library That's how the cats get in
(x)Beginner ( )Intermediate ( )Advanced ( )Expert

I've got so many links, I don't know what to do with them. I guess I'd better ask my Sister of the Animal Persuasion, the Library Cat.
She's systematic. symptomatic? one of those. Let's see if we can get all the great links on one page.
Beagle's guide to Java: Ask the Library Cat.
How does the Library Cat find things, again?
Written by my dogg Erl and -Boojum

Links are forever.  Can never get enough.  But let's say, I didn't want to see 
everything, just what I wanted to see.  How would you do that?

Library Cat says, "Dewey Decimal System. Store like things alike and give them
a number.  Within the number you range them from east to west, and conglomeration 
to esoteric, and give them bigger numbers.  Within the bigger numbers you arrange 
them alphabetically by author, well, by committee, well, by chairman, well by town... 
I don't know. I'm new here.  Ask a postman.  They've got more regulations  than 
we do."

Ok.  We'll put like things alike and give them a number.  I don't see what good 
that's going to do, but maybe it will occur to me once I've done it.

What were the categories of old Alexandria,  mathematics music medicine language and 

Oh, I get it!  She never does find things again.  She just remembers where she put 
them.  She Categorizes them!  Smart, that Library Cat.  The numbers are there just 
because the books are in a regulatory agency - a jail.  Forget the numbers, where's 
the Cat?

What should be the categories of our links page, so at the desk the Library Cat 
could point to the big sign, like in a grocery store, and say... right down 
that aisle, midway, to the left, down at the bottom, alphabetically by mouse.

Maybe we won't get it quite right, but here we go:  Yet Another Guide to the Universe 
of Java; YAGUJ.  Presumably it works like a game room.  You don't want to see the other 
end of the trophy right now,  To do that, you'll walk down the hall and go into the next 

Tools required
Desire to see the sky (because all these books are toppling over onto me), and as much library science as a friend of the Library Cat thinks he needs to know. Oh, I also looked at Meurrens, and you should too.

Target's URL/FTP
This is the book drop at your local library. Lord knows how all those books get sorted out, but we've got to do it.

Program History
It's been a problem since mama wrapped up the swaddling clothes and put them away for perhaps. What to do with all those things, and where to find them again when you need them. Let's see if anybody's smart on this.

Who owns this thing called Java?
Sun Microsystems
The Java Language Environment, by James Gosling and Henry McGilton.

Who are the sumo wrestlers, stomping, eyeballing, and pushing it all over the place?
IBM SanFrancisco: Overview
IBM: VisualAge Developer Domain
"As of May, 1999, the fastest VM, IBM's Java 1.1 VM for Windows, is very close to C++ 
on CPU-intensive operations that don't involve a lot of disk I/O or GUI work; C++ is 
itself only a few percent slower than C or Fortran on CPU intensive operations." 
says Elliotte Rusty Harold
Microsoft Technologies for Java
The Source for Java(tm) Technology

Who thinks they'll have the last word on it?
Java standardization process moves forward

What works on my platform?
Java(tm) Platform Ports
JavaToys: Java porting projects
AIX, OS2, OS400, IBM
MacOS, Apple
The Outlaw Cafe a site devoted to Java(tm) development on the Macintosh.
SCO, UnixWare, SCO
JavaEngine Manuals, Sun Microsystems
Windows NT on Alpha, Digital Equipment Corporation

Who is alive and well and is keeping up on things?
Cafe au Lait, Elliote Rusty Harold
Cetus Links: ... Objects and Components / Java / General, Manfred Schneider
Java Programmer's FAQ, Peter van der Linden
Inprise Dominates Java Super Bowl VII, Dr. Dobbs's 1999
Java Lobby Homepage
Java Toys, Nico Tranquilli.
JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards - 1998
The Jini Community
Jini Services
The Source for Java(tm) Technology
Sun Developer Connection.  A-Z Resources 

Who is speaking my language? 
Java Developers Alliance - Java User Groups
Sun: Educational Services Worldwide Campus
All About Java (kr) (Visual J beta3 in /tool)
Carrefour Cetus: Langage orienté objet: Java (fr)
COMPUTERWORLD o Internetu: JAVA a ti druzí: 16/97 (cz)
Digital Cat's Java(tm) Resource Center, (jp)
Dr. Dobb's Journal Japan (jp)
Elektronikus könyvespolc (hu)
esm Java Resources, Kenji Hiranabe. Eiwa System Management, Inc. (jp)
Debugging in Java, Michael Johann. (de) 
Java Einführung - Kursunterlage, Hubert Partl. (de)
Java en Castellano (es)
Jáva Felhasználók Társasága levelezôlista (hu)
Java-aiheisia resursseja (fi)
Lecciones Java (es)
Ohjelmointirajapinnat ja arkkitehtuurit (fi) 
Programř Kűrimo Laboratorija (lt)
SIGS Conferences GmbH, Objekt Spektrum und Java Spektrum. (de)
Sun Microsystems GmbH: Unternehmen - JavaComputing (de)
Sun Microsystems Magyarország Kft. (hu)
Sun Microsystems Oy - Tuotteet (fi)
Tutorial de Java - JDK 1.2 (es)
Werner Zsolt homepage-e (hu)

Where are the magazines?
Caffeine Connection
Digital Cat's Java Articles
Dr. Dobbs Journal: Java
Java Developer's journal
Java Pro
Java Spektrum (de)
SunWorld by month
ZDNet: devhead -- java

Who thinks they know which books to read?
BYTE: The Java Column (April 12, 1999), Martin Heller
Dr. Dobb's: Java. Suggested Reading
Dr. Dobb's Electronic Review of Computer Books
Java 1.2/2 books on the market, Werner Zsolt.  (Compares Eckel and van der Linden and...)
Java Book Information, Peter van der Linden.
Java Book List, Elliotte Rusty Harold.
JavaWorld Book Catalog Index
Recommended Java and Web Programming Books, Marty Hall.
Securing Java, Gary McGraw and Edward W. Felten, reviewed by Jack Woehr of Dr. Dobb's ERCB.
Softpanorama Bookshelf/Java books  

Where are the books?
Addison-Wesley Computer & Engineering Group Java Series 
ALL Docs for SysAdmins and Webmasters
Free Java Books Focus on Java.
IT Library: Programming languages: Java
Macmillan  (Open a Personal Bookshelf, and check out books!)
Macmillan Betabooks (Read it before the author does!)
Official Java Programming Documentation, Marty Hall
O'Reilly Java Center (I'm right at home here!  Plenty of alii to bark at.)
O'Reilly Online Books (Java Reference Library, and Web Developer Library)
Developing Professional Java(tm) Applets, K.C. Hopson and Stephen E. Ingram.
Go To Java 2, Guido Krüger.
Inside JVM Resources Web Site, Bill Venners.
Java 1.1 Unleashed, Rogers Cadenhead, et al.
Java By Example, Clayton Walnum.
Java Einführung - Kursunterlage, Hubert Partl (de)
Java Expert Solutions, Mark Wutka, et al.
Java How to Program 2/e, Deitel and Deitel.
. Illustrations and Examples
. Introduction to Microsoft Visual J++ 1.1 (but not the disassembler :(
Java in a Nutshell Online Quick Reference for JDK 1.1.
The Java Programming Language 1/e 1.1, Ken Arnold and James Gosling
Java Secrets, Elliotte Rusty Harold.
Peter Norton's Guide to Java Programming, Peter Norton and Wiliam Stanek.
Presenting JavaBeans
Securing Java, Gary McGraw and Ed Felten.
Thinking in Java, Bruce Eckel.
Tricks of the Java Gurus, Glenn L. Vanderburg, et al.
Tutorial de Java - JDK 1.2 (es)
Visual J++ Unleashed, Bryan Morgan, et al.
Waite Group's Java 1.2 How-To, Steve Potts.

Where are the tuts?
How-Tos and Tutorials, JavaWorld.
Java Programming FAQs and Tutorials, Marty Hall.
The Java(tm) boutique: The Ultimate Java Applet Resource
Java Corner (Joint)
JavaToys: FAQS"
JavaToys: Documentation
The Java(tm) Tutor, Java Report.
Programmer's Link \ Java
Tutorials Softpanorama Java Page.
Using Java as a CGI Language, Kurt Thams
ViJay Muhki's Technology Cornucopia has eight tutorials.
Webmonkey java collection
Brewing java: A tutorial, Elliotte Rusty Harold.
CNET: Battle of the Java ... 11/16/98, Rex Baldazo. (CodeWarrior 4.0 vs. Visual J++ 6.0)
Gamelan: Java Programming: Tools, (to IDE or not to IDE...)
Go Java!  To get started..., Nelson L. Johnson.
Introduction to Java, Marshall Brain. 
Java 2 security and stack inspection, Gary McGraw.
Java Certification FAQ, Marcus Green.
Java is Only the Beginning, CodeWarrior Java Tools, Metrowerks.
Java Multimedia Tutorial, Gamelan.
The Java(tm) Tutorial, Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath.
The Java Tutorial, Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath.
JDK 1.0/1.0.2 Setup for Windows 95, Phil Filner
Lecciones Java (es)
Shlurrrpp - Java, Vijay Mukhi, Sonal Kotecha, Shashank Tripathi.
Visual J++ Technical Resources, Microsoft.
Visual J++ 6.0: The Microsoft Java environment, review by Lowell E. Thomas.

Where are the Reverse Engineering tuts?
Java Code Engineering and Reverse Engineering, Marc Meurrens.
JDC Searchable Bug Database
Professor Sullivan's Learning Java Page "The Unfolding Java Security Wars" 
Applet Security FAQ
Cryptographically Protected Objects,  Uwe G. Wilhelm and Xavier Defago.
Decompile Once, Run Anywhere, Godfrey Nolan, Web Techniques, September 1997. 
Decompiling Java, Dave Winer.
Decompiling Source Code, Wallace Wang.
The Ethics of Decompilation, University of Queensland.
Free tools for Java: hashjava an applet obfuscator, K.B. Sriram.
Free tools for Java: links,  K.B. Sriram  (curious mind at work!)
Digital Cat's: Java Decompilation and Reverse Engineering, 1/2, Benoît Marchal, Marc Meurrens.
Digital Cat's: Java Decompilation and Reverse Engineering, 2/2, Benoît Marchal, Marc Meurrens.
Introduction to Class Files, Mr. Narayan Singhal, et al. (a short course in decompiling)
Java decompilers compared - JavaWorld July 1997, Dave Dyer. (DejaVu, Mocha, WingDis)
Java Feature - Java Security, IBM.
Java Obfuscators, Inside-Java, Bastien Duclaux.
Java Tip 22: Protect your bytecodes ... JavaWorld - January 1997, Qusay H. Mahmoud.
Java Security FAQ, Princeton Secure Internet Programming Team. (and history)
Java Security: Hotlist: Hostile Applets
Java Security JDK 1.1, Mary Dageforde.
Java Security JKD 1.2
Java Security: Weaknesses and Solutions, Jean-Paul Billon.
The Java(tm) Virtual Machine Specification 1/e, Tim Lindholm and Frank Yellin.
The Java(tm) Virtual Machine Specification 2/e, Tim Lindholm and Frank Yellin.
Jive, a Java Decompiler, Daniel Ford, IBM
Plugs for Java's Security Holes, BYTE Magazine January 1997
Protecting Java Code Via Code Obfuscation, Douglas Low.
Secure Computing with Java(tm): Now and the Future (ember end in)
Security Holes in the Java Security APA, Jean-Paul Billon.
A Taxonomy of Obfuscating Transformations, Christian Collberg, Clark Thomborson, Douglas Low.

Where are the tools?
Cafe Boutique - Java IDEs    Elliotte Rusty Harold says you don't need these.
Digicat's Tool List
Gamelan: The Official Java Directory: Downloads
IBM Research Jikes Compiler Project
Java 1.1 Unleashed, Chapter 2. Tools for Getting Started, Michael Morrison.
Java Code Engineering & Reverse Engineering, Marc Meurrens.
Java-Linux: java(tm) Tools for Linux
Java(tm) Programmer's FAQ: 4. Compilers and tools, Peter van der Linden. 
JavaToys: Java Tools
JavaWorld Developer Tools Guide
Download CodeWarrior Lite, Metrowerks.
Jikes Debugger, IBM. v1.11 293,851 bytes
Kawa - simple yet powerful IDE, Tek-Tools, Inc. kinst321.exe v3.21 3,705,812 bytes
Sun Promotions, Downloads and Upgrades
Visual Age for Java: Download, IBM.
Visual Café, Symantec.
Visual J++ v6.0 Home Page, Microsoft.  Visual J++ v1.1 23,250,576 bytes

Where are the Reverse Engineering tools?
Java Code Engineering and Reverse Engineering, Marc Meurrens.
Crema 1.02, Hanpeter van Vliet. (obfuscator) (files are here one subdirectory back)
D-Java, "class file disassembler written in C," Shawn Silverman. (Jasmin compatible)
DejaVu, OEW for Java (decompiler)
Dis (disassembler)
Free tools for Java: hashjava, K.B. Sriram. (obfuscator)
HoseMocha, protect against Mocha, Mark D. LaDue. (obfuscator)
IceBreaker: A 'Visual' Java decompiler, Breaker Technologies. (unobfuscator)
Jad the fast JAvaDecompiler.
Java2Rose Documentation Generator, Rational Rose.
JavaP (disassembler)
jas, (assembler), K.B. Sriram.
Jasmin, (assembler), Jonathan Meyer.
Jasmin, (assembler), Jonathan Meyer.
JBuilder, Inprise and Borland (has Mocha in it?)
Jmangle(tm): The Java Class Mangler, Taylor Computing.
Jobe, Erik Jokipii. (obfuscator)
Jobe, Erik Jokipii. (obfuscator) mirror
Jshrink, "Your Java program is an open book." Eastridge Technology. (obfuscator)
Kimera disassembler, Emin Gün Sirer. (online; Jasmin compatible)
MakeDis (generates Java disassemblers for different processors)
Mocha, the Java Decompiler, Hanpeter van Vliet.
Obfuscate, Neil Aggarwal. (obfuscator)
ShroudIt!, LNK. (obfuscator)
SoftSeal Documentation, Breaker Technologies. 
SourceAgain Java Decompiler, Ahpah Software. (online)
SourceGuard, "Complete protection for Java developers," 4thpass. (obfuscator)
SourceTec Java decompiler, (a patch to Mocha)
Visual J++ Samples & Downloads, Microsoft. 
WingDis - A Java Decompiler, WingSoft Corporation.
Zelix KlassMaster (obfuscator/unobfuscator) 
Zelix KlassMaster (obfuscator/unobfuscator) mirror

Who has better links than we do?
Aaron's Free Warped Java Page(tm), a "Plethora of Links" 
And then there's the whiff of coffee..., Vijay Mukhi's Technology Cornucopia
Black Coffee
Cetus Links: 15,188 Links on Objects and Components, Manfred Schneider
Digital Cat's Java(tm) Resource Center - Directories: Java (gamelan by the service entrance)
Gamelan - The Official Java Directory (~12,000)
The Official Gamelan Java directory, (early version) 
Java - PC Webopaedia Definition and Links
Java Code Engineering and Reverse Engineering, Marc Meurrens.
Java, Extensibility and Security Related Links, Emin Gün Sirer, Kimera Project.
Java FAQ Archives
Java Links, Elliotte Rusty Harold.
Java Links, Mark Smiley
Java(tm) Platform Documentation, Sun Microsystems.
Java Programming Resources, Marty Hall.
Java Security: Hotlist: Complete Listing, Gary McGraw and Ed Felten.
Java Security Resources, Donald Fischer.
Java Shareware
JavaSoft Docs
JavaSoft Docs (se)
Java Toys, Nico Tranquilli.
Presenting Java: Information Sources
Professor Sullivan's Learning Java Page
Softpanorama Java Page
TeamJava JAVA Links
World Wide Web Virtual Library: The Java Programming Language

Java announcements archive
Links2Go: Getting Started with Java
Focus on Java,, aka Mining co.
Netcraft - search results - java
Object-Oriented Information Sources - java
Yahoo! ... Java
Yahoo! ... Java: Applets

Final Notes
Turns out, we're doing Sumerian cuneiform accounting.  So many ewe from you, prick it 
into a blob of clay, let it harden, like chewing gum. Toss it into an empty beer barrel.  
"Well, now, how many have you got?"  "Oh, jee, I don't know...  a barrel full."

This is a game!  Government is a game the Sumerians invented?  How far are the Caucasians 
from the Sumerians?  We've got to do something to reverse this incessant witless 
accumulation of information!

Just a word about style.  Didn't you find the Marty Hall double column pages confusing 
like an old style shelves to the ceiling hardware store?  And the Meurrens BANG labeling 
distracting like a toy store?  And van der Linden lazy like a bicycle shop?  And the 
big sites bland like Bing Crosby?  And this page just endless like a tyke on a trike?  

I vote for Meurrens as most useful.  And van der Linden as most wise.  And McGraw and 
Felten most fun.  And Harold most friendly.  And Eckert most thoughtful.  And Hall most "?"

Oh, you need a babelfish for a different shape hairy ear?  Yamada Language Guides.

Our next Zen misstep, our next nez trail, is to follow Meurrens links, follow Kimera's 
links, and read McGraw and Felten, and follow their security links.

Oh, -Boojum wants us to look at Jini - How to get your toys to do what you want your 
toys to do!  And we should ask some gamers questions.  And More Book Links! 

Til then, duke, flash your badges!  All forty-two of them!

Ob Duh
I wont even bother explaining you that you should BUY this target program if you intend to use it for a longer period than the allowed one. Should you want to STEAL this software instead, you don't need to crack its protection scheme at all: you'll find it on most Warez sites, complete and already regged, farewell, don't come back.

You are deep inside reverser's page of reverse engineering, choose your way out:

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