Beagle's guide to Java. the Links, page 2.
call for phillip morris!
Java Lab
12 July 1999
by my dogg Erl et alii, denizens of the message board.
Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering
Lately, many of our more industrious and investigative interpreters have taken it upon themeselves to supply reverser's site with documents which purport to explain and/or illuminate the origin of a project which we believed to be a wholly unique reversing endeavour: namely, the production of the pages which you now casually finger. Yet, to our horror, we discover that (alas) this section apparently has had some predecessors, a sobering fact to which the brief but informative squibs arranged above attest. In light of this new discovery, the editors gently wish to make it known that they claim no 'squatter's rights' regarding this pre-ordained intellectual territory, but are interested only in the free dissemination of this kind of knowledge. Welcome to the new java section of mys ite, dear reders, scouting into java will be assured by my dogg Earl, maybe the only person I know of that can describe in writings an altavista search.
There is a crack, a crack in everyvoice That's why the light comes on
(x)Beginner (x)Intermediate (x)Advanced ( )Expert

Links, links. Next to playgounds, dogs like golf courses, and cemeteries, and woods. We're going to snuff around and smell out
some very private partridge. You'll see my footprints all around, as ed. That means Editor. I'm Erl.
Beagle's guide to Java. the Links, page 2.
call for phillip morris!
Written by my dogg Erl et alii, denizens of the message board.

Well, there are nicky new guys here (me) and a group of old pro's who donated one 
reverse engineering link worth all the rest, and one very fine link to (shhh) .ru, 
which is where I'll spend all My time!  I'm not telling you about the rest... it's 
an open secret!

Tools required
A Browser, Budweiser, and a Benjamin Franklin for the phone.

Target's URL/FTP
Just look at these links. Java Jewels, every one! There are people out there who will feed us for free!

Program History
These links were posted to our Message Board in response to Volition-'s request, "Right now I am learning java, just for the heck of it. Does anyone know any good Java sites for beginners? Also does anyone know what you can do with java as far as 'spying'/'prying' onto visitors to a web site?"


      and scroll down to Java 

      Guest from Russia 

      (ed. Now I want to comment on this.  First of all, our Guest didn't have to 
      give us a link.  It was very nice of him, to put up with us at all.  Secondly, 
      these are all online books!  Spend your Ben Franklin on the phone.)  
      (hmmm, Thread #1, online books.)

      -java- mark's rant


      (ed. now where have I heard all this disappointment before?  Oh yes, mammon_) 
      (hmmm, Thread #2, what's Java good for.)

      Part of the original java stuff with _m. 


      (ed. I just get chills when I smell a post like this.  One, Meurrens has an email address.  That's class!  ACM is the Association of Computing   
      Machinists, the eldest of the organizations of computer hackers in the real   
      definition.  Journals range all over the encyclopaedia, from the machinery  
      of computing to the social aspects of computing.  You could join and find  
      your kind and good company there.

      Secondly, "part of the original Java stuff with _m" I take it to mean this 
      survey of Java links has been done before.  

      Well we'll go to jeff's Newbye Search Engine and try "Java"
      in the search boxes... reverser+,  Mammon_, and ...  "55" at reverser+'s site? 
      No, more like 3 or 4.  You'll have to sort out the JavaScript...  
      (hmmm, Thread #3, reverse engineering) 

      At Mammon_, Let's go to Mammon_'s Links and Find In Page : Java.
      I get, the Gamelan link, the Hall link, the Sun Java link,  and a no longer 
      existing page at Fortune City....

      Ok, who was in on this _m group?  There was a ring ReV, Rebel, Reversi, de_Sade, 
      Mammon, Java, Vassago, Oberon...  

      At Mammon_'s we've been to "Links."  Let's try archive
      " 3.31 Java: Kimera is an online Java disassembler viewing Java bytecodes rather 
      than Java source code; the bytecodes can then be run through the Jasmin assembler 
      for running on a Java VM. Other Java disassemblers include JavaP, WingDis, Dis, 
      and the Java Decompiler source on the Technology Cornucopia page. Somewhat related 
      and of general interest is the MakeDis disassembler assembler which, given an 
      input file of processor opcodes, will generate a disassembler (in C source) for 
      that processor. "

      Seven links.  There are your tools, in a nutshell.  (hmmm, Thread #4, tools)

      The link augustus_p gave us, is elsewhere... still have some snooping to do!

      Our Message Board... augustus_p tells me to look at svd's backup mbfr25.ain   
      It's there!  27 April 1999. That link, and mammon_ replying to Rhytm, "But 
      don't worry, nothing really good is written in Java anyways ;)" 
      (hmmm, Thread #2, what's it good for, anyway.)

      moron java

      heres an interesting page,
      dont know if it been listed already, 
      I didnt follow all the links given above.

      it has a fair few links of it own. 

      (ed. obviously laconically playful with words, more haiku than limerick, and a 
      member of that ring?  It's a good thing I stopped acting silly and just asked for 
      links!  I might learn something yet!  Java Code Engineering: engineer & reverse 
      engineer Java class files.  Looks like it was last touched 1998, 2nd month...  

      Two reversers come up with the same card... they must have pocketed it.  Let's 
      look at that card.  Editors and navigators and assemblers and compilers and 
      disassemblers... but decompilers? obfuscators? unobfuscators?   And of course some 
      more Links... of long gone and very real programmers!  This is a Boatner's 
      Encyclopedia of the Java Revolution.)   (hmmm, Thread #5, how do you keep up?)

      Perhaps some "basic links"


      (ed. Ahh, I left out the vanishing music which accompanied these links.  
      You had to be there to appreciate it.  But here is a link to the Mac 
      side of things!  And who would think to look at Microsoft for Java 
      information... suspicious?  And why look at Sun Java with Java turned on?  
      Why, for an online demonstration!  This one is a plain English introduction 
      to Java, like you might read in the newspaper.  Very reasonable choices.
      (hmmm, Thread #6, what's in my language?)

      -Boojum's Mac raises the question: which platforms are supported and how well? 
      (hmmm, Thread #7, Cross-Platform and Portability)

      Spath+ says in a recent Assembly Language Journal message board post "If  
      you're a lucky owner of a Sun workstation, you can find all docs at"
      and sure enough, there are the JavaEngine(tm) books, also.  
      (be sure to scroll down to many many links)


      Erl: "rainbow!  Howdy!  Boy I'm glad I finally got here.  Did you hear us   
      calling you?  Got a cigarette?  No!  I don't Want your ear patch!"

      (ed. What's he telling us?  another book site... just knock off that last 
      subdirectory to see what else is there!  You always do that, don't you?  

      And webopedia we've seen before?  Very good site! has lots of  
      other language links also.)

Final Notes
ed. Now, I don't know what you got out of these links.  Here's what caught my nose.

Java is a revolutionary idea, but it's caught up in real life problems... not so 
portable as it needs to be, not so universal as it could be - giant drayhorses 
pulling it in different directions.  And it's slooooow.  Turns out to be like 
medicine, one dose of one thing doesn't cure everything, and may make you woozy.

Secondly, everybody had to learn it in an instant.  All that effort spilled over 
onto the internet, where we can still hear it crackling.  

Here's a link to Java at Middlesex.  You can feel the pain... but the damned thing 
worked! Look at that helicopter!  I want you to note Sandy Anderson's brew for 
reversing not ready Java: "cup of tea (milk and two sugars) at about 11.30 in 
the evening (when no more phone calls were possible)"   Come here when you are 
feeling sorry for yourself.  You folks married to programmers, you'll like this 
one, too.

Oh, look... everyone's got links, Sandy included... there's that Marty Hall and  
here's Just Java has Java Software Downloads, and Java Games.

Need to do a page on just books and magazines and tuts and Faqs ... well, Marty 
Hall does.  Go down to his Web Pages.   hmm.  has a link to Making Sense of Java
which has a link to Java Matures: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, by Hank Shiffman
Here are the issues in a slide show.  eg. Slide 23... of 32 Where is Java Getting 
Used?  Pragmatism winning over religion. What can derail java?  at 29, 30 JavaSoft 
loses control of Java? and Fatal flaw discovered in security model?

Third, for me, there's a lot more to learn... even simple games can have complex 
strategies, and unforeseen consequences.  Try the little game, Baduk.

The obvious place to go is to Professor Sullivan's Learning Java Page.  At "Getting
Started With Java," he gives us a great introduction to what is at Sun Microsystems,
for instance: Sun: the Java Tutorial.  

What I really want to read is Thinking in Java, by Bruce Eckel.

But, I'm just a dogg!  And a new one, at that!  There are lots of significant things 
which escape my nose,  right on this page!  These are just the things I dragged into 
my backyard to chew on.  But oh, those trails.. the smells were great! 

We should bury all these links together in a Beagle's guide to Java: library page.

What's -Boojum sending me by email?  MORE links!  How am I ever going to chew down
all these bones, if he just keeps piling them up?

Ob Duh
I wont even bother explaining you that you should BUY these target programs and books if you intend to use them for a longer period than the allowed one. Should you want to STEAL this software instead, you don't need to crack its protection scheme at all: you'll find it on most Warez sites, complete and already regged, farewell, don't come back.

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