Beagle's guide to Java: the Links, page 1.
after anger hung red moon.
Java Lab
11 July 1999
by my dogg Erl and rainbow
Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering
Lately, many of our more industrious and investigative interpreters have taken it upon themeselves to supply reverser's site with documents which purport to explain and/or illuminate the origin of a project which we believed to be a wholly unique reversing endeavour: namely, the production of the pages which you now casually finger. Yet, to our horror, we discover that (alas) this section apparently has had some predecessors, a sobering fact to which the brief but informative squibs arranged above attest. In light of this new discovery, the editors gently wish to make it known that they claim no 'squatter's rights' regarding this pre-ordained intellectual territory, but are interested only in the free dissemination of this kind of knowledge. Welcome to the new java section of mys ite, dear reders, scouting into java will be assured by my dogg Earl, maybe the only person I know of that can describe in writings an altavista search.
There is a crack, a crack in everymoon That's how the pools of light get out
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This brick of Java leaves was heaved right in the Message Board window, just a soon as the big cat purred, "'java' links ... (are)
quite valuable IMO."

It's so pretty, just the way it was, that I wanted to keep the missal with the missle, and a bit of the still smoking breath which said,
'been there, done that' which came whistling in with it.

Seems I have been teasing some very important people, and they want me to know it, sort of, (big cheshire cat smiling moon...)
or at least make me work for the privilege.

Beagle guide to Java: the Links, page 1.
after anger hung red moon
Written by my dogg Erl and rainbow

 Re: over the rainbow
 Sunday, 27-Jun-1999 18:57:36 

      *** bleep *** writes:

      heya Humph!                              (ed. I get called a lot of things.)
      u make alota work for a lizard; after checking all yours I only duplicated 
      Sluuuuuuuuurp and JavaTutorial...heres some more to add to your list to send in; 
      get to work now Humph!                   (ed. I get ordered around a lot, too.)

      (ed. You might see my footprints all around here.  ed. means Editor.  I'm Erl.)

Tools required
A Nose for handouts and a lucky Tail.

Target's URL/FTP
"You will receive in your ditty bag, 13 Link to Java. Count them, recruit! 13 Java Link. These are not your Java Link. These are Our Java Link. We want them back when you are whistled out. Guard them with your life, recruit!"

Program History
This missal came out of the air from nowhere, and dropped on the floor of our Message Board.
So, don't believe a word of it; just do everything it says. Really!


      Ask the javaPro forum:
      (ed. This is also known as DevX.  Java Zone, Java Pro magazine, JavaBeans Zone, 
       Java How To ...)

      The Java Tutorial:

      Getting started page includes: "If you don't own a Java development environment, 
      you might want to download the Java Development Kit (JDK). The JDK provides a 
      compiler you can use to compile all kinds of Java programs. It also provides an 
      interpreter you can use to run Java applications. To run Java applets, you can 
      use the JDK Applet Viewer or any Java-compatible Web browser, such as the 
      HotJava browser." 

      (ed. Has a Dog's Tooth Badge, if you are collecting.  What's the cute name again, 
       Duke?  Here, Duke!  Here, Duke!)

      The Hello World application:

      (ed. This whole site is Moma setting out apple pie.  Good place to hang out under 
      the table and get a bite of everything.  Here's the door: The Java(tm) Tutorial
      "A practical guide for programmers with hundreds of complete, working examples.  
      The tutorial is organized into trails -- groups of lessons on a particular subject." 
      See, "trails!"  We came to the right place! )

      Brewing Java: A Tutorial

      Copyright 1995-1998 Elliotte Rusty Harold
      Last-modified: 1998/09/07

      "This tutorial has grown into a book called The Java Developer's Resource... 
      The examples and exercises from that book are also online here and may be 
      of use, even if you don't buy the book (though of course I hope you do)."

      "For more details about the JDR see the JDR page."

      (ed. I like this guy.  He's friendly, and generous.)
      java FAQS page:

      (ed. There's more facts here than you can shake a stick at.  Including 1.1 Where did
      Java come from.  This is the FAQ for the newsgroups:,,,, alt.www.hotjava
      The front door is at Cafe au Lait.)

      Java programming Resources:

      Cgi programming in java etc:

      Free Java Tools:

      (ed. Marty Hall is another one who has collected good links to Java, for a 
      book and a course.  Has some links in Spanish!)

      Professor Sullivan's
      Learning Java Page

      (ed. If you didn't like my introduction to Java, take this one!)   

      Acme labs
      Source for java technology

      (ed. "Welcome to the ACME Java mines!"  See!  everybody links back to Sun, 
      and so does Prof. Sullivan!  See also his section: "The Unfolding Java 
      Security Wars.")

      The Source for java Technology:

      (ed. Dev.x has a Java Zone, JavaBeans Zone, Java Pro Magazine, and a 
      download library.  This link pops up "Ask the Java Pro.")

Final Notes
now don't start that ISP stalking technique stuff;
PS; please continue to insert URLs into your messages as this time I understood 80% 
of your post...:)heh

(ed. I think I've got him spotted, don't you?  Who else is such a nice guy, to just
suspect you're teasing him, and still let you get by with it.) 

Welp, wag your lucky Tail. Snuff, snuff, snuff, snuff... I think we got a noseful.

("nose (noz), n. [Me.; AS. nosu (akin to OFris. nosi), orig. a dual, meaning "the two 
nostrils"...  So Nancy R. was going to say, "Just say nose," but she had one nostril 
plugged up...  what did she have up in there?)

Oh.  Give the nice man back his Java Links.  Let's get out of here!  See you on our 
next page of Beagles guide to Java: the links, page 2.

Ob Duh
I wont even bother explaining you that you should BUY this target program if you intend to use it for a longer period than the allowed one. Should you want to STEAL this software instead, you don't need to crack its protection scheme at all: you'll find it on most Warez sites, complete and already regged, farewell, don't come back.

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