Beagle's guide to Java: digging in.
A hike through the garden of Java
Java Lab
10 July 1999
by my dogg Erl
Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering
Lately, many of our more industrious and investigative interpreters have taken it upon themeselves to supply reverser's site with documents which purport to explain and/or illuminate the origin of a project which we believed to be a wholly unique reversing endeavour: namely, the production of the pages which you now casually finger. Yet, to our horror, we discover that (alas) this section apparently has had some predecessors, a sobering fact to which the brief but informative squibs arranged above attest. In light of this new discovery, the editors gently wish to make it known that they claim no 'squatter's rights' regarding this pre-ordained intellectual territory, but are interested only in the free dissemination of this kind of knowledge. Welcome to the new java section of mys ite, dear reders, scouting into java will be assured by my dogg Earl, maybe the only person I know of that can describe in writings an altavista search.
There is a crack, a crack in everybone That's how the tongue gets in
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Volition- asks, "I am learning java, just for the heck of it. Does anyone know any good Java sites for beginners?"
Well, I do. Don't you? Here is a....
Beagle's guide to Java: digging in.
A hike through the garden of Java.
Written by my dogg Erl

You wonder what you are getting into?  Well, don't wonder... let's go get into it.
I'm your scout.  We're going in there, snoop around, dig stuff up. What's a garden for?
Got your Dog's Tooth badges?  You don't?  We'll make them give us badges.  And lessons, 
and freebees, and stuff to run off with, and words of wisdom, and pats on the head.

We may even stop to listen to grouse and quail.  

Tools required
They are? Well then, we'll dig up tools! We'll go snoop out a Java Development Kit, which has a compiler, and an editor, and a viewer, and learn how to use it. But for now, just your nez and a pair of paws... well, as many as you've got!

Target's URL/FTP
Yeah, oh yeah. You want to know where this playground's at! Meet me at the corner of Java and Elliotte Rusty Harold. Right here, we crawl under the fence... "There's some dirt, there's some dirt under every fence. That's how the beagles get in."

Program History
Java has been here forever... well, I'm only four years old! If you really want to know, here's the scoop. Wired 3:12 The Java Saga
Elliotte Rusty Harold has a quicker answer at his Java Overview question: Where did Java come from?

I'm going to get a little more serious, but not too much - we're out on a lark, after all.  
School's out!  Always!  but we love it for the smells!  

I'm going to get serious enough to suggest that once we get there, not all of us dogs will 
want to program Java, but would first just like to snoop out what it's all about.

But if you want to dig right in, here's my main man, Elliotte Rusty Harold.  He'll teach 
you how to program in Java.  Now watchit!  When you get to his booklist, and it says 
Unreleased Books about Java, and you see his book, and he's recommending "Buy It!"  that's 
a joke, ok?  Just like the first four of his favorite books.  Don't let on you're onto him, 
ok?  He likes to tell this joke over and over.  You could buy those books, and it would 
make you both happy, but for now, we're in it for the handouts.  You  dig in right here:  
Brewing Java: A Tutorial  Oh, another thing, his tutorial is stuck in 1998, so humour him.  

His Cafe au Lait we were into before is right up to date,  and he's got a college course 
he'll let you audit.  Here's the book required for his course: Required Textbook   (hehehe, 
i know what it is!)  Oh, yes, his 'favorite books' list.

Now, for the rest of us hounds, here's a nice rosy picture from the house of Java, You'll 
need Java enabled in your browser to catch the Dog's Tooth badge.  Here we go, under the 
platform: Java Technologies: Java platform

Did you see one?  No, it looks like a dog's tooth, with a ruby stuck into it.  You know, 
way rad.  Well, gee, I'm sorry.  Maybe they ran out.  I'll keep an eye out for one for you.  
I know they go well at trade shows...

I see we've lost the eager dogs at the Elliotte Rusty Harold tutorial. Hows abouts we take 
a tutorial.  A gentle one. Introduction to Java, by Marshall Brain.  "The focus of this 
tutorial is not on the language itself but what you can do with the language."

Did you click on the examples and get them to work?  Less than thrilled, hey?  You didn't 
like tinker toys when you were small?  Oh, you DID like tinker toys...  Well, then you'll 
like my next excursion.

Now, some of you just like to dink around.  Well, what better place to dink around than
Webmonkey java collection  It's more fun that a barrel full of monkeys, and doesn't hurt
your teeth like that monkey wrench he's tossing around.  Monkey's never learn to fetch,
they just throw things, don't they?  And besides, we never had to use highchairs.  I say 
that gives us dogs a leg up on the AIQ test!  
Ok, now, let's get serious about this.  Here's your momma speaking.  Did you ever learn 
anything from your momma when she sat you down and talked to you.  Here she's going to 
try again.  I KNOW there's a Dog's Tooth badge in here: The Java(tm) Tutorial ... Snuff,
snuff, snuff... follow the footprints!

Now, here's one I haven't tried.  (That may be the best recommendation...  it ain't broke,
yet!)  But I'd better show you, or you'll be upset with me for holding back the good stuff 
for inhouse dogs:  Shlurrrp......Java

Well, I think I lost everyone.   I even have more!  But for now, I'm going to relax with 
Sandy Anderson, who's got it all licked, until the next "Revolution."  Java at Middlesex.
This is sort of a Java Nirvana, where you go after you've won, or after you are back together 
again at one with yourself.

Final Notes
I hope you came away with these things:  a Dog's Tooth badge, the Java Development Kit, a 
lot of places scented to return to, and an idea where you might look next (hint, hint, next 
page of the Beagle's guide to Java: the Links)

See you around, Java hounds!  Wear your "Duke" badges proudly.

Ob Duh
I wont even bother explaining you that you should BUY this target program if you intend to use it for a longer period than the allowed one. Should you want to STEAL this software instead, you don't need to crack its protection scheme at all: you'll find it on most Warez sites, complete and already regged, farewell, don't come back.

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