copy your own working serial number from the *.cfg file
(A "security" program that does not seem to offer much security :-)

Most stupid protections award

by cYnAppZ, 29 June 1998 (slightly edited by reverser+)

I have noticed that from time to time a 'most stupid' protection makes it onto your page. I do not submit this for that reason, although the crappy protection scheme described here might well qualify for the 'Hall-of-Shame'
	Anyway, I'll get on with it:

	The Program :      OmniQuad Desktop Surveillance 98
	The 'Protection' : Password/Registration requiring the correct
                           combination of user name and license code.
	Tools Needed :     A functioning metabolic system and some semblance 
			   of brain activity. (i.e. someone who is awake)
			   Ah, yes, you must be also able to read...

You can find this app. on just about any of the big shareware sites. I got mine from It is supposed to monitor activity on a computer running Win95/NT (pity this poor program !) while you are away so you can nail that snooping idiot you just know is peeping all the killer crap you have on your box. I guess that could be a fellow worker or maybe your boss - it doesn't matter - who likes a snooping idiot anyway. Problem is that a security program protected like this one won't have many chances of success against anybody that's "three months" computer literate ('real' hackers and crackers may be in serious danger, though: they may die -laughin- as soon as they notice it :-)

After you have installed this thing, you can try grinding it through WDISM8.9 like I did, and search for the 'invalid license code...' string. I'll save you the trouble - don't do it. This is a VB program ! A VB 5 program no less. OK, I'll repeat it: a 'security program' written in visual basic... c'mon: that's like using jelly for Jail bars...

At that point I had to resort to truly desperate means. I looked in the program folder ( ODS) and after a second or two saw the following file - default config. Now, it might be because of the fact I'm not yet a good cracker - although I can grind down my system like the best of them can- that I even considered looking in this file. After all, what sort of dumb stupid programmer would put anything important in a file like that? Never overestimate commercial programmers! Write it down hundred times! A great -always valid- truth!

Once more: what sort of dumb stupid programmer would put anything important in a file like that? The great 'programmers' at OmniQuad that's who!
After opening this file you will see lines like:

          ***  SerialNumber ODS09063020278419SCC5HHEQS8F5YGX66  ***
          ***  RegisteredName df (default user)  ***
No fucking way ! But it's true.

The 'crack' (so to say):
Start the program
Press the Registration Button
Enter Your Name
Copy/Paste the Serial Number from the .cfg file
Click Okay

Congratulations ! You just got yourself a registered *5 USER* copy of this 'HIGH SECURITY' Application.

Now the next question is - Who in their right mind would trust a so called 'protection program' which has a totally lame-ass registration process like this?

Not me! That compilation of bogus code was sent to byte heaven in a hearbeat.

So there you have it. My contribution to the cause. It ain't much I know, but sometimes it's the easy or the obvious that can be so difficult to see... too many trees and you don't see the forest any more...


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