Dear reverser+,

                  Thank you for your honest response. I must admit, I only posed the 
                 questions to prod you into a self examination of why you publish, 
                 maybe even deeper than you questioned it before. I did this because 
                 after visiting your sight for a year+1/2, I feel you already have 
                 the answers to your questions, maybe they are just a little hard to 

                 "Why I publish"
                 "  I decided to publish my "page of reverse engineering" because the 
                 inner working of computer programs (and any other thing) has
                   always fascinated me."

                 As long as you are true to your beliefs,

                 Many directions will satisfy the quote above. Even though 
                 'protection scheme's' seem to be the highlite, I believe we are all 
                 here because we share the same fascination. The 'high' for us is not 
                 really to reverse code,for it is only 1 vehicle, but to reverse the 
                 programmer's(writers's,politician's,business's)  thought process. 
                 That's all we do. Programs are not generated by machines. There are 
                 so many path's to travel to this end that it becomes difficult to 
                 focus on an area. As far as the luzers go, they will always flock to 
                 steal knowledge and parade it under their banner. This has always 
                 been, and will always be. But there facade soon collapse's and they 
                 are exposed as  'creaters void of form' . You are so correct in your 
                 statement that the 'majority of humanity doe's not want to cast off 
                  there chains'. It gives them a finite realm to exist in,and they 
                 would not survive without it. You can not worry about them. But, 
                 there are a some who will seek, and it is them your pages are for.

                 In conclusion,

                         Where do YOU want to go today ?