A great dragon known as Steganos
Steganos Key Relief (Reducing the key search burden)
21 April 1998
by caprine
Courtesy of reverser's page of reverse engineering
This essay is one of the best I have ever read. Don't be fooled by the apparences. There is real knowledge inside, and Caprine is indeed, as he writes, a kind and gentle reverser king. And he has beaten the Steganos Dragon. As you will read (and enjoy).
Long life to King Caprinus! Let's hope that he won't stop once reached the advanced pages, they are the path not the goal, as he writes, and we'll need Caprine more and more, because a great darkness came over our programmer's land.

Signed: Fravius crux, keeper of the knowledge.
There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in
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An essay on brute forcing Steganos.

A great dragon known as Steganos
Steganos Key Relief (Reducing the key search burden)
Written by caprine (caprine@thevortex.com)

This is my second visit with Steganos. My first go round with Steganos was very similar
to Jean Flynn's dictionary approach. Although I was able to find the password 
that way, I was'nt thrilled with downloading tons of text and creating word lists.
 I had discovered Steganos's checksum early on. mrf explains the checksum in his
essay. As a matter of fact, I think I made an remark somewhere that using the checksum you
should be able to brute the password in 11 hours. 
So, now its time to do it.
I'll assume that you have read the other essays because there is information there that 
I'm not going to rehash. [no pun intended]

Tools required
C++ Compiler (with inline assembler, or)
a sense of humor, slighty askew

Target's URL/FTP

Program History
see below


All this Steganos stuff reminds me of a story told to me as a young child. It went something 
like this.

A long long time ago in a mythical kingdom known as Sifer, a great darkness came over the land. 
The citizens of Sifer were terrified a sent forth a messenger to the king. Now, Caprineous was 
king over all of Sifer, and was a kind and gentle king. He was also tall, strong, very 
handsome, and the most intelligent of all throughout the kingdom. ( Hey, It's my story) The 
messenger came to Caprineous and told him of the great darkness. He said the citizens have 
heard rumors of a great dragon that was going forth throughout all the lands of earth, 
devouring knowledge and hiding it from the eyes of men. "If this great dragon known as Steganos 
comes to our land I fear we shall all perish. The people of Sifer beg you dear king, rid us of 
the beast." The king then replied, "Tell all the people of Sifer that I will learn of this 
great dragon in order to defeat it." The king then summoned his faithful servant Netscapian. 
Now, Netscapian had magical powers. He was able to travel to far a distant lands in a twinkle 
of an eye. The king spoke," Netscapian, go forth into your magic realm and bring back to me all 
the scrolls that people have written about this great and terrible dragon, Steganos." So 
Netscapian went out, as if a bolt of lightening, and returned. "My king", Netscapian spoke, "I 
have brought to you scrolls from a far and distant land, across great waters. I have found these 
scrolls in a strong fortress, guarded with high walls. The keeper of these scrolls has prepared 
much knowledge about this Steganos dragon and other dragons of its kind. He has placed these 
scrolls in a special room were only those found worthy of reading the scrolls may enter. He has 
also sent with me this painting of a young girl. He has told me the name of this special room 
is contained in a scroll hidden by the dragon in this painting so that no mortal man may read 
it. He has also sent this still beating heart of a Steganos dragon and has told me that it 
contains the secrets of the dragon and must be studied. The Scrollkeeper has also told to me a 
riddle to be solved." At this the king clinched his fists, raised his arms to the heavens and 
in pain and anger shouted out" Why must these mythical stories always have to have a damn 
riddle." " Continue Netscapian", the king quietly spoke. " The riddle my king is, only One key 
will take away the Steganos magic and reveal the secret gate. And that one key is the name 
of one of our citizens. We must shout out that citizens name to the still beating Steganos 
heart and the scroll that contains the secret gate will appear to us."
(Now, I must give you a little background on the naming of citizens in Sifer. In the very early 
day of Sifer, even before the first king was crowned, the name tag makers got together and 
decided among themselves that in order to reduce expenses and maximize profits that all names 
should be 8 characters. Now since the early Siferians considered themselves very good at math 
they treated numbers as almost sacred so they could not be part of a name. The Siferians were 
also a people of little emotion so therefore punctuation symbols could not be used in a name. 
But, above all the Siferians were a humble people, therefore all capital letters were not to be 
used in a name. So, that meant that all names were 8 characters comprised of the letters a..z.. 
Now the population of Sifer is exactly  208,827,064,576. Fortunately, they are a very skinny 
people and didn't take up a lot of room. Now, every citizen in Sifer has a unique name, so all 
the names have been taken. Well, as luck would have it, a strange almost magical twist of fate 
has fallen on Sifer. For every Siferian that passes on, one and only one child is born and it 
inherits that name. Amazing, isn't it. Anyway, I think you get the drift behind this whole name 
The king then said, "I shall summon my good and trusted friend Winicus, and together we shall 
look at this Steganos heart and view it's secrets." So the king and Winicus studied the heart 
for some hours and discovered much about it.
As the king was pondering this riddle and the secrets revealed, Lamerious came into the room 
and queried the king as to this thoughts. And the king relayed to Lamerious the whole story. 
Now, Lamerious was known thought the land as almost a jester. He professed to know many great 
things, and oft spoke in words that impressed. But everyone knew that he knew little. 
"Lamerious", the king said,  "I have a vision to learn the name of the citizen that will lead
to the hidden scroll. I wish to tell it to you and see if it may be of merit." 
Now he spoke to Lamerious of extracting the words of the painting to a scroll. It turns out 
that other kings and noblemen on earth had also fought the Steganos dragon and have recorded on 
scrolls how they have defeated it. Please read them all, but a scroll by a fine nobleman Jean 
Flynneus shows us how to extract the words hidden in the painting to a .SEF scroll. Also, 
another noble one mrf, has written a scroll showing us the working of the magical checksum 
number.(Obviously, mrf comes from a land that has a worse naming policy than Sifer.) To 
continue, the king spoke out, "Let us first extract the words from the painting to a SEF scroll 
and exam it." So they proceeded to do this much as Jean Flynneus did. "There, we have it" said 
the king and he laid it on a table. Here is what the scroll contained :

00000000 5374 6567 616E 6F73 456E 6372 7970 7465 SteganosEncrypte
00000010 6446 696C 6500 0100 8AA3 4382 E6AB 80E1 dFile.....C.....
00000020 A187 8532 C57D 0FB3 A200 9CCC D3F1 0B39 ...2.}.........9
00000030 5D0A E91E 266D 19AC 4DE1 76E6 CA23 D3A8 ]...&m..M.v..#..
00000040 CD17 464E 1EFC 521E 47E9 6086 5A7B 1B6F ..FN..R.G.`.Z{.o
00000050 6796 8697   
The king spoke,  "I have learned with my friend Winicus that this magic checksum number is at 
offset 0x18 of this scroll. We have also revealed that at offset 0x19 begins the confounded 
name of the scroll. The gatekeeper has told to us the scroll is to be called 'adva.txt' So, if 
we shout out to the Steganos heart the correct citizens name, the byths(Sifer equivalent to a 
byte) at 0x19 through 0x1f will become unjumbled before our eyes to spell 'adva.txt' I also 
know that the byte following will unjumble to be null."
"I know that to test the name of every one of  208827064576 citizens would take to long and we 
would surely perish before we could find it. I have thought much about the magic checksum test 
that every name must first pass to be worthy. Since it is a byth long, I may in effect divide 
my total population by 256. This will leave us with about 816 million names that are worthy to 
be tested. If we can test these names at 20,000 names per second it shall only take about 11 
hours to exhaust the list. Let us first examine this magical checksum calculation", as  the 
king wrote it down. 

checksum = (char_1^(char_2*2)^(char_3*3)^(char_4*4))^((char_5*5)^(char_6*6)^(char_7*7)
            ^(char_8*8)) & 0xFF; 

"Then Lamerious spoke up, "That is a noble thought my king, but still you must perform this 
checksum calculation on 208827064576 names. This will itself will take to long and we shall 
die." The king replied, "Yes, that is correct, but be patient for there is more. If one were to 
split this calculation in two, then the left half xored with the right half would be equal to 
our checksum of 8a. So, if we began with 0 as the left_ checksum then 8a would have to be the 
right_checksum. If 1 was left, then 1^8a would be right. So, Lamerious, we have 256 
possibilities of 4 character halves. I have also learned that the left_checksum, with the 
characters we use in our naming policy, will have a left_checksum between 0 and 127. Therefore, 
we shall cycle left_checksum from 0 to 127 and calculate right_checksum. Now,on every cycle of 
this, we shall also cycle through every 4 character combination of a..z. For each 4 characters
we shall perform a left and right calculation. 

	left = (char_1 ^ (char_2*2) ^ (char_3*3) ^ (char_4*4)) & 0xFF;
      right = ((char_1*5) ^ (char_2*6) ^ (char_3*7) ^ (char_4*8)) & 0xFF;

If the left calculation is equal to the left_checksum, we will write down the 4 characters and 
place them on a table. If the right calculation is equal to the right_checksum, we will write 
down the 4 characters and place them on a second table. We know that all the combinations of 
the left table and the right table will pass the magic checksum test. Lamerious, go fetch us 2 
tables that we may place the characters." Lamerious was half way out the door when he turned 
with a puzzled look. "How large should the tables be?", he asked. "I have done calculations on 
this Lamerious and have found that the distribution of the 4 character combinations is not 
exactly even throughout the checksums. I have found the largest number of 4 characters of any 
left checksum to be 3793, and 1853 for the rights. So, Lamerious the tables shall be large 
enough to hold that many. "So Lamerious went on his way in search of the two tables but was 
quickly sidetracked with the offer of a free smut scroll. Well, king Caprineous never intended 
to do this manually but he thought it was a good way to rid himself of Lamerious. Have I 
mentioned that Capacious was a kind, smart, good looking king before? The king said to himself, 
"We can surely do this thing, and it shall be good and the citizens of Sifer will rejoice. The 
king then called for Ceplusiam, a general in his army. "Ceplusiam, you are a strong and swift 
warrior. Together we shall conjure up a spirit to carry out a list of instructions we shall 
prepare. "So the king and Ceplusiam wrote down these instructions and began conjuring the spirit. 
After fixing a few minor conjure errors, there it was, the most vile and disgusting of all 
creatures. This thing had no understanding, it didn't care to have understanding. I stood like 
a chunk of frozen ice, expressionless, emotionless, it's only purpose was to carry out the 
instructions. And the king called the creature Brutus. Then Caprineous drew his sword from it's 
sheath and handed it and the list of instructions to Ceplusiam and spoke, "Give these to Brutus 
and release him so we may see if he is strong enough. "So, Ceplusiam handed the sword and 
instructions to Brutus and unchained him. "My lord", Ceplusiam spoke,  "I have observed Brutus 
and found him to cut through 14,000 of the names per second". The king was saddened ,at that rate 
it would take 16 hours to empty the list of names and the Steganos dragon was drawing nearer to 
his border. "Ceplusiam, you are indeed a great and swift general, but I fear that in order to 
retrieve the name in time we must beg for assistance from Assemblius." "But my lord, you know 
that Assemblius can be such a hard one to work with at times!", Ceplusiam retorted. "Yes, I 
know Ceplusiam, but he is the only one who truly knows the inner workings of such creatures. 
"So, the king sent for Assembius, and Ceplusiam and Assemblius worked together to strengthen 
Brutus. And they gave to Brutus the sword and the instructions. "My king", Ceplusiam spoke, 
"Brutus will now cut through 19,000 of the names per second, and it shall take 12 hours to 
exhaust the list. "The king thought to himself, "This I suppose this shall be acceptable, but is 
there more I can do as the dragon even now is entering our land?" "I have given to Brutus my 
Pentius133 sword, a fine and sharp sword, but there a newer sharper swords available. But, 
Inteliam produces a sharper sword every 18 months, I certainly can not buy a new sword that 
often." Along with being very bad at naming, the Siferians were not a terribly affluent 
civilization. They were not poor, but they didn't live in luxury either. Well, all except the 
name tag makers were doing quite well. It was almost morning and Caprineous was preparing to 
travel forth into Corporatus Americus were he and millions were daily forced to pay tribute. 
Then a thought came over him. Corporatus Americus had many of the Pentius233 swords. He would 
simply take Brutus with him and borrow the swords. So, early in the morn, while the IS 
overseers were still sleeping off the drunkenness of there own importance, the king smuggled 
Brutus in the swordsmanship training room. There he withdrew a Pentius233 and turned it over to 
Brutus. He watched Brutus slicing his way through the name list at 36,000 names a second. 
Caprineous was pleased. In 6.25 hours the name that would unlock the gate would be his. He left 
Brutus and went to pay tribute the Corporatus statue. At noon time a great bell rang throughout 
the land and the people began salivating. Caprineous went back to the training room where 
Brutus had been slicing away for 4.5 hours. The king walked into the room and there stood 
Brutus with a name in his hand. The king was very excited, and he thought he saw a little smirk 
on Brutus's face. That evening when they returned home to Sifer ,they stood before the Steganos 
heart a shouted out the name Brutus had found. And lo and behold, the adva.txt appeared before 
them. The king slowly unrolled the scroll and learned the name of the gate at the scroll keeper 
fortress. Caprineous then summoned again Netscapian and said, "My good and faithful servant 
take me to the scroll keepers fortress so I may enter this gate and gain knowledge to defeat the 
dragon. "So ,in the blink of an eye Netscapian and Caprineous were standing before the gate. 
Caprineous shouted out the name of the gate and behold, it opened. Netscapian and the king 
walked into the scroll room. There they saw scrolls from other kings and wizards. There were 
even scrolls from the wizard who conjured up the Steganos dragon. After the king had read these 
scrolls he realized that the knowledge they contained was only a first step. Much more had to 
be learned about the Steganos dragon and other dragons of its kind. He also learned that the 
Steganos dragon was not evil after all, but simply pissed off about silly export laws. So the 
king and Netscapian returned home to Sifer and gathered all the people together for a large 
celebration.Everyone was there, including the Steganos dragon whom they found to be very 
friendly and a all round nice guy. The king shouted out, "We have learned many things on this 
adventure. 1. There is no substitute for a sharper sword. 2. Disqualify citizens name as 
quickly as possible. 3. arrange your list of instructions as to maximized Brutus's 
effectiveness. This will help you avoid pipeline stalls and better use caches. The instructions 
we gave Brutus have plenty of room for even more improvements. Maybe some other king or wizard 
will write scrolls on this. But for now, Let's party". So there was a great party with singing 
and drinking and eating. And as the king looked around he saw that it was good. There was 
Brutus with a group of citizens and as he walked up he could hear the conversation. Brutus was 
saying, "How many Siferians does it take to screw in a light bulb?   Only one if he can decrypt 
it." "The important thing", the king thought to himself, "was that Brutus was trying. "The king 
turned around an saw Lamerious talking with the Steganos dragon. And Lamerious was telling the 
dragon how it was really Lamerious who had figured the riddle out. And all of a sudden a huge 
fire came forth from the dragon.A deafening silence came over the room. The king walked over as 
the smoke cleared and there was Lamerious covered with soot from head to toe. Every hair on his 
body had burnt off. Lamerious just stood there not knowing whether to run or beg for mercy. 
Capinious turned slowly to face Steganos and after a brief pause exclaimed, "Nice flame" And 
everyone started laughing and drinking again and everyone was having a real great time. The 
Steganos dragon would shoot out flames and people would light cigarettes and cigars off it, and 
roast those little cocktail weenies. And as Sifer partied on into the night the king thought, 
"We shall write down in a scroll all that we have seen here that others may learn what has been 
done here. And we shall send it to the scroll keeper that if it is worthy, it also shall be 
placed behind the secret gate."

And that is the tale as told to me, to the best of my recollection.


			copyblight@alongtimeago    Caprineous

	#include <stdio.h>
	#include <stdlib.h>
	#include <string.h>

 void main()

	 unsigned int l,lc,lr,x,y;
	 static unsigned int index_left,index_right,checksum=0x8a,checksum_left4,checksum_right4,csl,csr;
	 static unsigned char key_left4[3793][4],key_right4[1853][4],key[256];
	 static unsigned char state[256],init_state[256],counter;
	 static unsigned char char_1,char_2,char_3,char_4,buffer[9],cte,xorIndex;
	 static unsigned char encrypted_filename[9]={0xa3,0x43,0x82,0xe6,0xab,0x80,0xe1,0xa1,0x87,};

	 for(l=0;l<256;l++) init_state[l]=l;

	  for (checksum_left4 = 0; checksum_left4 < 0x80 ; checksum_left4++)
		checksum_right4=checksum_left4 ^ checksum;
		for (char_1=0x61;char_1<0x7b;char_1++){
		 for (char_2=0x61;char_2<0x7b;char_2++){
		  for (char_3=0x61;char_3<0x7b;char_3++){
			for (char_4=0x61;char_4<0x7b;char_4++){
			 csl = (char_1 ^ (char_2*2) ^ (char_3*3) ^ (char_4*4)) & 0xFF;
			 csr = ((char_1*5) ^ (char_2*6) ^ (char_3*7) ^ (char_4*8)) & 0xFF;
			 if (csl==checksum_left4){
			 if (csr==checksum_right4){
	 	  for(lc=0;lc < index_left;lc++){
		   for(lr=0;lr < index_right;lr++){

		  memcpy(state, init_state, 256) ;
//		  Build key array
			mov	di,offset key_left4
			mov	si,offset key_right4
			mov	bx,offset key
			mov	ax,lc
			shl	ax,2
			add	di,ax
			mov	ax,lr
			shl	ax,2
			add	si,ax
			mov	cx,0x20
			mov	ax,word ptr[di]
			mov	word ptr[bx],ax
			add	di,2
			mov	ax,word ptr[di]
			add	bx,2
			mov	word ptr[bx],ax
			sub	di,2
			add	bx,2
			mov	ax,word ptr[si]
			mov	word ptr[bx],ax
			add	si,2
			mov	ax,word ptr[si]
			add	bx,2
			mov	word ptr[bx],ax
			sub	si,2
			add	bx,2
			loop	key_loop

//		  Prepare key

			xor	ax,ax
			mov	di,offset key
			mov	bx,offset state
			mov	cx,0xff
			add	al,byte ptr[di]
			add	al,byte ptr[bx]
			and	ax,0xff
			mov	si,ax
			mov	dl,[bx]
			mov	dh,state[si]
			mov	[bx],dh
			mov	state[si],dl
			inc	bx
			inc	di
			loop	rchar_4
			x = (x + 1) % 256;
			y = (state[x] + y) % 256;
//	      swapByte = state[x];
//	      state[x] = state[y];
//	      state[y] = swapByte;
		      mov	si,x
			mov	di,y
			mov	al,state[si]
			mov	bl,state[di]
			mov	state[di],al
			mov	state[si],bl
			xorIndex = (state[x] + state[y]) % 256;
			cte += 0xd ;
			cte &= 0xFF ;
			buffer[counter] = encrypted_filename[counter] ^ state[xorIndex] ^ cte;

			 if(buffer[8]==0 && buffer[4]==0x2e && buffer[0]=='a')
			printf("\n password - %s  filename - %s\n",key,buffer);

Final Notes
Spring has arrived like a dear lost friend. Who among us will embrace her and walk
with her during her short stay?

BTW: Don't stop once you reach the advanced pages, they are the path not the goal.

Ob Duh
I wont even bother explaining you that you should BUY this target program if you intend to use it for a longer period than the allowed one. Should you want to STEAL this software instead, you don't need to crack its protection scheme at all: you'll find it on most Warez sites, complete and already regged, farewell.

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