The concluding essay

(02 August 1997, slightly edited by Reverser)

Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering

Well, this good essay from Bozo concludes the whole project...
Reading this essay I have two observations:
1) I regret that Bozo doesn't "go into the good and bad points" of Winice, because such a discussion would be very useful and it is surely appropriate here, among people that knows this tool like nobody else :-)
2) What about that "dongle driver reverse engineering" Bozo speaks about? Hey Bozo, we have a running +HCU's project about dongles, don't you know it? Where is that essay? I want it! :-)

Cracking of Winice for WinNT

I have been looking, for a long... long time for WinIce for WinNT, 
since I am forced by other software to use it and I did not feel to 
install Windows 95 just to have Winice. 
When, at last, a trial version was made available at Numega's site 
I could not wait to crack it. 
Unfortunately the "real" reverse engineers were too fast for me. 
In any case... When Frog's first crack for WinIce for Windows95 became 
available, I tried it on my version, with a slight variation... and: 
BINGO... I found the code... changed it... and... PRESTO... it worked. 
When the following essays became available for WinIce for 
WinNT), I though to myself... crazy... what are these people talking 
about? Checksums and all... My copy of Winice for WinNT just works fine 
and I thought that the WinNT crackers went a little bit overboard.

In any case ... I used my homemade crack for Winice WinNT... and started 
cracking everything in sight. 
Well... to all crackers .. Winice has its good points and its bad ones, 
but I don't want to go into that. 
By the way: Wdasm, Urbanik's disassembler, is an excellent tool in its 
own right and has a definite place next to WinIce. 
Okay... back to reverse engineering WinIce for WinNT.

After a while I had to reformat my disk and reinstall WinIce. 
I made a backup with the intention to restore it to itsself. 
Later I decided to reinstall WinIce and that's were the s... hit the 
fan: My copy was not working any more! 
I could not find the code cracked by the +HCU's students in the essays, 
nothing worked any more... BUT IT HAD WORKED PREVIOUSLY! 
What went wrong? 
Checksum and the tootie came up... and no WinIce.

After a long cracking session and a lot of frustration, I decided to 
sit down and think back... 
Must be something with the installation, I thought, and tried various 
options... Automatic load, manual load, System load and, finally, load 
WinIce during booting. 
Now I remembered... I wanted to crack a dongle driver and that was how 
I installed it in the first place... in order to load it during the 
WinNT boot phase.

So what is the crack? Just perform the small (and obvious) crack below... 
and ensure that the WinIce driver is loaded during the boot phase. 
No checksum... nothing... everything loads smoothly.

BTW. The loader32.exe and nmtrans.dll are identical to the first 
cracks regarding Win95, see the relevant essays.

Now read the following code and modify as indicated.

(NOTE: use in BOOT configuration else it will sumcheck and wont load)

:0003B80B 3BC2               cmp eax, edx
:0003B80D 7202               jb 0003B811
:0003B80F 2BC2               sub eax, edx

* Referenced by a Jump at Address:0003B80D(C)
:0003B811 83F80E                cmp eax, 0000000E  ;0xE = 14 days!
:0003B814 720F            ***   jb 0003B825	; change to jmp (EB0F)
:0003B816 C705B0E4060000000000  mov dword ptr [0006E4B0], 0
:0003B820 8B45F8                mov eax, [ebp-08]
:0003B823 EB13                  jmp 0003B838

* Referenced by a Jump at Address:0003B814(C)
:0003B825 B90E000000           mov ecx, 0000000E    ;0xE = 14 days!
:0003B82A 2BC8             *** sub ecx, eax		; change to nop,nop
:0003B82C 8D4601               lea eax, [esi+01]
:0003B82F 6BC003               imul eax, eax, 00000003
:0003B832 890DB0E40600         mov [0006E4B0], ecx

* Referenced by a Jump at Address:0003B823(U)
:0003B838 5F                pop edi
:0003B839 5E                pop esi
:0003B83A 5B                pop ebx
:0003B83B 8BE5              mov esp, ebp
:0003B83D 5D                pop ebp
:0003B83E C20C00            ret 000C

Okay .... thats it. There are a number of other cracks of mine, but 
those are mostly boring 2 minute jobs. 

Visual Basic still presents some problems though...

Greetings to all crackers and... keep them coming... 
Hopefully I get the time to share with you all some other techniques... 
there are a number of things I am working on... time permitting.

(Hope +ORC publishes soon another of his lessons... 
 Whats happening, +ORC ....?)

Bozo                 29 July 1997
(c) Bozo, 1997. All rights reserved.
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