Rockwell's famous picture:
"reverser and family waiting for the plane"
August 1999

I'm going now to enjoy some holydays: site-updates will therefore slow up, since I'll mostly lay indifferent, inactive and inert in the shadow. This does not mean you are all allowed to be sluggish, slowpokes or slothful in your reversing activities, nor lackadaisical, lazy or lethargic writing and sending your essays!
You may contact +gthorne for any urgent matter. Thanks, have a good month (and write and send some great essays!) see you all in Berlin (or on my site when I'll find the time to update... :-)

fravia+ (who's gonna once more enjoy some nice prosecco eating folpeti, branzini and bovoleti :-)

don't waste your time on ephemerical messageboards (only IRC unsinn can be worse :-)
but if your really "have to chat", here are some places that are not all too useless:
+Sandman's beginners messageboard
+Reverser's main: reversing matters messageboard
+Reverser's TOT: tools of our trade messageboard
+Greythorne's Linux messageboard: a must for Linux aficionados
PWF (Playing With Fire) messageboard (W-B, Giglio and Don Quijote)

Here are some more interesting things to read and browse:
Finding information on the internet: the basics (and my how to search section)
Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Forum
the +HCU Linux Page