(started 27 August 1997)
Courtesy of Reverser's page of reverse engineering

Well, this new section of my page has been made possible thank to the contributions and the incredible "sniffing" capacities of +gthorne (one of the two "main sniffers" in the +HCU :-) who found out the three first "astonishing" new possibilities that you'll be able to learn here... so thank him, not me, for the beginning of this section... as a matter of fact my first reaction was quite secretive: I told him to hold on such information in order to damage Micro$oft before they could react... but they already know (and are furiously working on a fix)... therefore let's go public with this... go ahead and cause them the worst possible publicity BEFORE they get a fix for these (very serious) security bugs
This section is openly defiing censorship and the hiding of important information: we present two SERIOUS holes in ActiveX and WindozeNT. These two pieces come from the very good maglite's Stolen Code Page, which you should by all means visit.

The first piece of code (Getadmin) was done by some Russian dude. It allows you to turn an ordinary user in a Windoze NT network into an administrator.
Source code IS INCLUDED. Micro$oft was NOT YET able to fix this.
Get the ActiveX control version and launch all attacks you fancy through the net.

The second piece of code (DLLMainAttack) was written by Jobi. The code allows you to change the security settings in M$ Internet Explorer from HIGH to NONE (I'm not jocking :-).
Source cpde IS INCLUDED
The code must be signed with some ActiveX Signature maker, get it from the IRC channels you should know of or elsewhere and go ahead :-)

The third "astonishing" story is that there exist now a "Java Telnet Proxy Server" that will allow a telnet applet connecting with any server on the Internet!
And you can even choose the port!... You understand what this mean as well as I do, don't you?

Here it is at netobjective
Well, let's add here one of those nice "crashme" pages...
Reverser crashing trick
d'you want to crash with your nice little browser? Just click here!
Go ahead if you dare! (Else go watch TV, or something :-)

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