Our Protections
Our protections

asc0 Crack'me
23 September 1998

This will be the Nth time you hear this but you have put an interesting 
page on the web. Thank you. I have learned a thing or two from it. 

After working on aescul.com I came up with the idea to make this little 
program. The idea would be the same, change it in a way so it executes 
something different than what it executes now. The code has no 
anti-debugging tricks, the encryption function is not state of the art 
and so on, but I though the idea is sort of neat. 

I really would appreciate your input on the basic idea of the program. 
Can it lead to something useful? This version can be cracked.  It's 
biggest hole is a little word that should not be in there coupled with a 
coding function that lends itself to cryptanalysis. 


Our Protections
Our protections

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