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June 1999
Advertisement is slowly pervading every aspect of our lives. We live bombarded with images and sounds whose only purpose is to make us react, like Pavlov dogs or zombies, in order to consume. We HAVE TO buy totally useless products and have been transformed in products ourselves.
Our enemies are going to install ads in the railway tunnels... you will have a stroboscopic effect while passing by. They are going to project ads on clouds and onto the evening sky. They have already transformed our whole life, for profit, in an inferno of unsolecited continuous consumistic pushes. Already now you cannot (and definitely in the future you will not) read, sleep, love, think or move around without being bombarded by ads, all intended to deceive you in order to push you to consume something, to buy something, to waste your life for "their" profit.

I don't like this, of course, and therefore I'm going to do what I can to change this situation and to retaliate. I'm not without weapons against this zillion of money worth really huge industry, as you will see :-)
This section of my site is dedicated to the methods that we can use to get rid of those useless ads. As you'll see there are many possible options, and some of them -incredible but true- do actually seem to work.

Please bear with me this first attempt. Many good essays in the reality cracking lab have QUITE A LOT of interesting anti-advertisement techniques and info inside. Read them, starting from +ORC's world-famous Supermarket enslaving tricks, and have a look at some interesting anti-advertisement tools in Adding the Blemish of Truth : How to Alter a Billboard

On this specific lab we will begin with some WORKING methods to "cure" the bannerclicking inferno the bastards advertisers have prepared for us on the Internet. I'm glad to present here the following essays:

How to remove advertisement banners from freepages
by various Authors
May 1999
How to find and eliminate our communication with the machines that are targeting us with ads
by Kept_Anonymous
June 1999
Cracking binary boy an Ad display free program
by +Tsehp
September 1999


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