Francesco Vianello
(30 August 1952 - 3 May 2009)


Thanks for the thoughts... It was almost like losing a grandfather. All these years later you are still missed. I learned a lot from your crazy ass! Broader than knowledge, you left behind a mentality. One that paves a foundation, which leaves your disciples in a mindset, capable of flourishing through their own curiousity and skillset. Leaving on each a heroes journey. A goldmine I had discovered the day I found your old reversing site. I eagerly spent the next years wandering in the mazes and mineshafts you had tunnelled. I was totally lost yet such a treasure to find. I was following an old geezer that was out of his mind. Somehow you were able duplicate this again! A seekers heaven, via searchlores was born.

Farewell ole feller... with love,

P.S. — Noticed some of your domains coming down off the web. So I wgotted a few.

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